We Tried the VIRAL Tortilla Wrap Hack! 3 Keto Recipes You Need to Try ASAP!


There is a new trend sweeping the internet right now…. #tortillatrend is everywhere, even in the keto-sphere!
Sarah and I make three amazing recipes. The first is a Philly cheesesteak, the second is a truffle goat cheese, pesto, and roasted red pepper vegetarian option, and the third is a cinnamon roll! All of these are keto-friendly, delicious, and easy to make!

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  1. I used to use the Carb Balance Mission Wraps, but the refined fibers unfortunately still spike my blood sugar. Have you considered trying these recipes using Egg Life Wraps? Since pretty much anything with a grain in it will spike my blood sugar, I switched to Egg Life about 8 months ago and never looked back. No effect on blood sugar, full of protein, and incredibly versatile. And of course, don't change it up if you don't want and eat what you love to eat, I just wouldn't mind seeing your opinion on the Egg Life Wraps.

  2. I like to make breakfast burritos with the low carb tortillas! Scrambled eggs, peppers and onions, cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream and a schemer of Fritos Bean Dip (yeah, it has less carbs than refried beans. I don’t know why. But I’ll take it!) yum!
    If you’re being very strict, you might want to leave out the avocado and bean dip.

  3. If you want to be really lazy, like me, buy frozen peppers and onions, steak-ums (I get the Aldi’s brand. Cheaper and are 100% beef.) fry them up, add some cheese (I like to melt the cheese into the meat in the frying pan,) slap it on to your low carb tortilla and done! I like to add a squirt of sugar free ketchup to mine, but I’m weird!

  4. we make Moo-Shoo pork by frying the bagged broccoslaw in coconut oil,garlic salt and top with a drizzle of seseme oil and green onions, brown ground pork with coconut oil, salt, lemon pepper and tumeric to taste. Combine broccoslaw with meat. Warm tortillas, stack them and Cut low carb tortillas into quarters, Wrap in clean towel lined bowl to take to family table. to assemble : take one triangle, top with Moo-SHoo mix, drizzle siracha and eat. Traditional Moo-SHoo has green onion pancake, but this is perfect and a favorite with my kids…. who are now 21&23💕

  5. Keto Twins….Two things;

    1, So stoked to learn the 'fold' technique. The stuffings are endless, but the 'fold', yep.

    2, I see y'all are using Hellman's brand mayo. Well, know, I know….we're told that mayo made with canola or soy bean oil is verbtten, but, gotta say, there is no other mayo than Hellmans. It has canola, but, sorry purists, this is one thing where it can't be duplicated with home made, organic store bought substitutes or otherwise. Sorry, not sorry, lol! LOVE me some a dat Hellman's.


  6. Mission makes a low carb street taco size now. Smaller than the ones you have. About the size of a hamburger bun only a little bigger. They are zero net carbs. like it!
    Btw I have used the garbage bowl (learned it from you tube also). Put a trash bag in it first (grocery bag) so you can just tie it up and throw it away! Also I have the scraper thing too. I love it!

  7. You 2! Hearing you talk abt the "oldie" boy bands to watching RR. Love the bantering! I too was addicted to RR 30 Min Meals when it aired. It was right around the time I had my girls. In fact, my daughter put on a school paper that RR was my fav show…how cute is that! They loved her too! Cannot wait to try these tortilla hacks! ALL sound amazing…and I jus ate! 😉
    B safe, L