We Tested Keto Zucchini Recipes! (2 Ingredient Flatbread)


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  1. My husband & I ate at the French Laundry on our honeymoon 27 years ago … we still talk about that meal! I started using zucchini when I had to drop gluten many years before going keto. I love to throw chopped zucchini in my tomato sauce over meatballs. I also will make mini pizzas with zucchini as the "crust". I can't wait to try the Thomas Keller zucchinis!

  2. You two are so much fun. We are having an Indiana Keto Meetup on May 6th and would really love to have you attend. You have so many Hoosier followers who would be excited to meet you and share a fun Keto meal together. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the details 🤗

  3. My favorite recipe for Zucchini is Squash Kabobs with pepperoni. I use a marinade for Beef that came with my Foreman grill long ago. I'm sure you could use your favorite marinade recipe. I marinade about 1/3" slices of zucchini and yellow summer squash. Then I thread the veggies onto a skewer alternating with thick slices of pepperoni. Zucchini, pepperoni, squash, zucchini, repeat. Last I grill the kabobs. I also marinade cubes of chicken breast in the same marinade recipe separately. I make the chicken kabobs alternating chicken and zucchini and grill. I do the chicken on separate kabobs from the veggies because they take different cooking times. The pepperoni basted the veggies and chicken with spicy goodness. You can serve the two kabobs side by side or remove goodies from both and serve tossed together. Enjoy!

  4. That Thomas Keller Zucchini recipes made my mouth water! Yum! And I agree with the person that mentioned Zucchini fritters. In my former life pre Keto one of my favorite things was Latkas…now when I am craving them I make Zucchini fritters, it works for me!

  5. Yo two are my favourite inspiration to stick with Keto! So adventurous. We used to give away zucchini because we had so many each summer – not any more! Now, our favourite way is: Halve lengthwise, spray or brush with olive oil, put in sandwich press until brown. That way, the inside is still crunchy and not mushy. Sprinkle with salt and Bob's your uncle. We eat that with steak and salad. Second fav way: Roughly cube, fry in butter and olive oil, add a little stock of choice, cook until soft, puree until smooth. It's a thick soup. If you find it too thick, add some more stock. Salt, pepper to taste. I love it so much, sometimes I have it for breakfast 😜

  6. I like fried zucchini. I slice them into coins. Dredge them in whey isolate protein powder, a very light coating, then submerge in a milk egg mixture – then dredge in almond flower. This is the batter or coating.

    I have tallow I made from beef fat (rendering) hot – I fry them until golden brown, salt them, and keep in a warm oven on paper towels on a plate until all are done. Then we eat.

  7. Will try both. Try Sardinian coccoi recipes which is more of a true flatbread or focaccia. Basically, grate zucchini/ yellow squash/ butternut squash ( combination or one) a medium onion, grated cheese of choice and either tomato paste or grated fresh tomatoes. Fresh basil and or parsley shredded.Add enough almond/lupin/coconut flour ( up to 2 cups) until smooth but not too wet. Line a cookie sheet with parchment.. spread “dough “ and bake at 400deg for 45 min. Less for softer and more for crispier. Cut in squares.
    Just adapt online recipes you like and do what you do best!

  8. You two are so fun to watch, thank you for all the experiments. My favorite way to eat zucchini is to slice it and put it into a pan with butter and also chopped mushrooms. I then I scramble and egg and sprinkle cheese before serving. To me, it tastes amazing with just salt and pepper.

  9. I also want to thank you gals for doing these recipes! The first zucchini recipe that you did starting in the pan is something that I would like to try because it looks so good! I tried your chaffle recipe and I love those because of the crisp on them! They would make excellent croutons tossed in garlic butter and maybe a sprinkling of Parmesan and then baked in the oven to get them crispy like croutons. Keep those recipes coming and I appreciate all your effort and hard work and trying these recipes and then giving your review of the results. It saves us time and money and I really value your opinions. Plus you girls are hilarious and should do a comedy routine, I would go to it!

  10. When y'all were doing the zucchini batter and you roasted the zucchini and then scooped out the roasted inside, it did look like roasted or overripe bananas and that got me thinking that you can use that in a keto banana bread recipe that has banana flavoring. It just reminded me of when I use overly ripe bananas to make banana bread before I went Keto. I think it would add a moist component to banana bread in place of bananas, just a thought.