We Tested a Viral Hack & Accidentally Made Keto BREAD?!


Sarah and I test a viral recipe to make a keto-friendly version. Will it work?
Tiktok we referenced:
Keto pancake mix we used:
Our fav sugar free white chocolate:

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  1. I do know that the Birchbender pancakes are very soft and delicate, which might also have contributed to the failure. They taste great, but even made as regular pancakes they are way less firm and don't hold together like non-keto pancakes. Frustrating as it was, you still ended up with something reasonably edible. Go you!

  2. FYI, A good stable oil (coconut, tallow, lard, etc) after being strained can be kept for months, just make sure to let any water evaporate before straining.
    You can use the oil as many times as you wish. The problem is that the oil start tasking like the food(s) being cooked in it, so do not use the oil used to fry sardines to fry "pastry dough"
    for beignets for example to be eaten with strawberries or ice cream as it will taste like sardines.
    I have plenty of each, goat and lamb tallow fats, so I will use this instead of oil

  3. Jumping off the funnel cake idea, you could do all kinds of outrageous fair foods with this. Like deep-fried candy bars (you’ll have to revisit your past trauma to make the keto ones 😅), PB cups, Oreos (are there keto Oreos in the U.S.??) or any of the other things they batter up and fry at the carnival (carbival?) these days. 🎡🎠🥞🍫🍩🍪

  4. From the beginning I was thinking I would not fry it in the first place. I've use Birch brand before and maybe it's an aquired taste thing but I didn't care for it and it's kinda pricey too. However, you could thin the batter somewhat and just make a cake without deep fry. Then spread the "stuffing" and create a sweet or savory treat. I do enjoy your videos. I've been doing a form of keto since mid 2019. It works best for me. Best regards from beautiful Wisconsin. 😍

  5. I wonder if you use that hard oil (so funny I can't think of the name of it? But you can paint it on and dip it, and while it fries the shortening!! That's what it is called, will cook and then it should slip off!!??

    But anyway! ! I do love your trying!!… you make it fun and funny!