We Made Our Favorite Olive Garden Dish Keto!


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the approximate carb count is:
Ravioli – 3 carbs for 4 ravioli
Sauce: 2 carbs per serving (makes 4 servings of sauce)
Sundried Tomato Paste:
Sarah’s food processor:

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  1. What a cool and easy way to get your Ravioli fix on Keto using Provolone cheese! Also, though your filling recipe sounds great, one could go really simple & quick using some seasoned ground sausage or beef, and cover with a basic tomato sauce with parmesan for a quick easy Keto "pasta" dish!

  2. You grrrls are spectacular!! Even though I am grain & dairy free I get a lot from Your videos!!
    Other than entertainment value 😉😍 I see ways to make this stuff with vegan cheeses!! Might work!!
    LOVE You enthusiasm & creativity!!
    Thank You for sharing!!

  3. When I made your other recipe with the leek mushroom ravioli; I noticed that the cheese would fold already because I had (unintentionally) left it out at room temperature while I made the guts for it and the sauce. So I was able to fold them before I even put them in the oven. Now I have to try some sun dried tomato!

  4. This looks delicious. I have a request, is it possible to either add the pintrest function to your website or make it so we can save recipes to a favorites thing on your website? I meal plan and by the time I am ready to meal plan for the next two weeks I usually forget what the recipe is called and can't find it again or I make it once then can't find it again to make it again. This has happened multiple times and I'm missing out on some great recipes

  5. I laughed at the look on Emily's face when Sarah said "you" (meaning all of us) couldn't eat more than four! (This is WHY Miss Renae got up to 425+#… she ate like two people!) Headed downward with a low-carb/no dairy – no butter, either 22 Day Challenge.

    The ravioli look and sound delicious! Can't wait to try them!

  6. Would you share how you use LMNT? For example, Rachel from the 2krazyketos mentioned she puts the chocolate salt into her coffee. That is very good. I’m wondering if you mix LMNT with anything other than water. I find it too salty putting it in just water. Thanks for any advice on how you use it.