Washed Flour Seitan Recipe from Start to Finish | Viral TikTok Vegan Chicken


If you’ve tried to make the viral tiktok vegan chicken recipe and failed, this video is for you. I show you the entire process from start to finish how to make seitan from flour using the washed flour method. The techniques are important in order to achieve the best texture and flavor for seitan. You can’t see all these techniques in just 30 seconds. I’ve made this video to show the process in detail so you can see how the texture and color changes in each step. If you follow the video all the way through to see these tips you can get it right every single time.

4 cups of flour – the higher the protein content, the better
2-2.5 cups of water

A better dough recipe (65% hydration):
For every 1000 g flour, add 600-650 ml water. Start with less water and add just enough to form a soft dough.

Note, you may need less water for your dough depending on your flour and climate. I Knead for 5-10 minutes and then rest for 2 hours or more completely covered in water. Drain and add water. Massage and knead the dough for 3-4 minutes under water to remove the starch. Repeat the process until the water is mostly clear – typically about six times. Let it rest 10 minutes. Cut into three strips, braid and then knot the dough as tight as possible.

Braising liquiod:
4 cups water
1 T onion powder
1 T garlic powder
2 T smoked paprika
1 tsp white pepper
2 T vegan chicken flavored bouillon
2 T maggi seasoning
2 T soy sauce

Heat to boiling. Simmer gluten in braising liquid for 1 hours. Remove from heat. Chill covered in braising liquid overnight. Shred, cut or slice the seitan for use in your favorite recipe.

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Prepare the dough
02:11 Rest the dough
02:29 Wash the dough
03:55 Second wash
04:34 Third wash
05:24 Fourth wash
05:46 Fifth wash
06:01 Sixth and final wash
06:33 Prepare the simmering broth
07:16 Stretch, braid and knot the gluten
09:14 Simmer the gluten
09:32 Rest and chill the seitan
09:50 Shred the seitan
11:15 Final Words

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  1. this is sorcery.

    jk but the fsct that flour is cheaper than real meat…idk why humans are still holding onto eating animals when this can be easily done at home…
    i also would like to know…how can people who cant eat gluten…find a recipe that doesnt affect them

  2. Or….. Just get a real chicken? Your body clearly wants and needs chicken for its health benefits, not satan chicken. I never tried to make broccoli out of my steak. Why? Because if my body wants broccoli i just Eat that. Waccky vegans! Lol look at how much time it takes to trick your body and it looks dry and discusting

  3. I'm sorry, but you're all brainwashed by the meat industry if you think even real chicken would be worth all this effort. As a meat eater, it seriously boggles my mind how many veg*everything's get sucked into making these gross overly processed meat substitutes instead of just learning how to cook vegetables grains etc properly/find recipes you'll like.

  4. Why do the vegans always try to turn plant protein into meat?
    Why not just eat the plants?

    I mean you say how bad and disgusting meat is, yet you want your food to look, smell and taste just like it. SMH
    It's almost like you know meat is delicious and plants are bland…

    Seriously, if meat is so disgusting, why try and make all your foods just like it?

    BTW, that doesn't look like chicken, it looks like a pile of dog $#!+

  5. You can steam the starch into thin round wrap like things, cut them like noodles or make a roll with some chilli oil and the fake chicken, it's a popular tibetan street food called laphing, been making it for years , never knew there was a name for it or it being used as a substitute for chicken.

  6. We are all on the wrong path to destroy the earth! All this energy, water, time was spent on making fake chicken meat! Vegetarians should reconsider their beliefs. These damages to the environment are more than raising, killing and eating a chicken! The way to save the planet from warming is the simple rural lifestyle. Without large and energy-consuming factories to produce harmful foods or beef or Processed vegetable products that consume a lot of water and energy which itself gives enough carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and we produce double carbon dioxide again with factory food processing. Laws should be established for the permitted limit of hidden carbon dioxide production of products and water and energy consumption on products.