Wannabe Cult Leader Who Fed Human Soup To The Homeless?? The Twisted Story of Daniel Rakowitz


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  1. You look hot in the thumbnail, not so much when I actually see you now. Plus that voice… yikes.

    But that's what you get in life when your the kind of person who actuslly tries to push some crap mobile game onto your viewers and you actually pretend you like it… shame shame shame…

  2. My grandma Susie married her husband when she was 14 and he was I think 20. She said her mom (my great grandma) made her marry him even thro she told her own mom no she didnt want to. They stayed married for almost 10 years and had my Mom and my uncle then they divorced as he was a truck driver and cheated all the time. Nanny Susie says that that's how it was back then. You had to get married. She is now in her late 60's and single and a spit fire of a woman lol. I love her so much. I am so glad times have changed. Nanny Susie also said that no one taught her about sex and on the night of her honey moon it was basically like rape because she had to clue about anything like that. It's very sad really. We also live in the South in the US so apparently that was the custom back then. Poor nanny

  3. Dont know if you've ever watched the show CRIMINAL MINDS. But they had an episode where a man helped searchers who were trying to find a missing girl by providing food & drink for the searchers. The man was played by comedian Jamie Kennedy. (Trivia:At one point he was involved with Jennifer Love Hewitt.) Of course guess who turned out to be the killer? And what (or who) do you think was in the soup he provided. Fiction can imitate reality.

  4. I have yet to not be able to eat while watching any of your videos. In fact the only thing I can't watch while eating is someone eating bugs or rotten food, or someone thrwing up. I have a phobia of that last one to the point that I nearly couldn't even type it. Before having a child and having to deal with it more often, and then having an undiagnosed stomach condition that makes me sick many times a week, used to be every day, I wasn't even able to say "throw up" although I have to stop now cause it's starting to wig me out.

    I have no problem listening to stories while eating though because I seem to be able to compartmentalize the two. Although the more I watch of your channel, the more worried I become that I may be a super lazy, physically disabled, pacifist serial killer. I don't want to hurt people, I have absolutely no inkling to do so either, but I was born in September and although a Libra cusp, I also like pineapple on pizza, and can eat while people talk about human soup… My fiance worries about me because I watch these kinds of videos. Perhaps I should tell him the truth. I don't want to be one, and I wouldn't hurt a fly (fruit flies and mosquitoes are fair game though) but I can't help but be a Virgo… I was also born on the Fall Solstice. That's gotta mean something.
    😢 I guess I have to start thinking of a cool but terrible nickname and go back in time to the 70s… my fellow Virgos need me.

    oh hey, maybe I can be an actual vigilante one and get rid of the 70s serial killers before they hurt people. Now THAT I would be morally ok with. Well, morally less opposed to… ok so I could 100% lie to the cops and get them to put the serial killers away for life. I'll do that one.

    Best. Worst. Vigilante. Ever. 😂

  5. I know this is a well known case and Bailey covered it, but I would love to see your opinion on the Lori Vallow case. I grew up in Boise and now live an hour from Rexburg and Lori is absolutely hated in these parts— so much so that she couldn’t stay at the nearest state hospital due to conflict of interests. Love your work! Keep on trucking!