vlog | 3 healthy salmon recipes, what I eat in a weekend, groceries shopping, spices organisation


*vlog | spices organisation, foam rolling, 3 easy healthy ways to cook salmon, savoury oats, ochazuke

heya! Welcome back to another video. Days In my life in Australia 🤍

In today’s vlog:

Spices organisation, I love these little spice jars with lids from Aldi Australia! It was in one of the special buys in August.

Foam rolling, it has become my post-workout and/or night routine to foam roll now. I love the Lululemon mini travel size foam roller as it’s so light weight and easy to carry around.

3 ways to cook salmon! Salmon is my favourite fish, in this video featuring 3 healthy, very simple and easy ways to cook salmon. Comment down below if you’ve tried any of these recipes:

✔︎Savoury oats:
1 cup of traditional oats
seasonings (I used dashi but you can always just make do with soy sauce/salt/pepper like how you cook congee)
cooked pieces of smoked salmon
1 egg

✔︎Air fry salmon
1 piece of salmon, air fry it at 190°C for 12-13 minutes depending on the thickness of salmon
Assorted veggies, stir fry

✔︎Ochazuke (green tea over rice)
Genmaicha (you can use green tea but I prefer the nuttiness from genmaicha!)
Salmon/grilled eel/natto
1 egg
zucchini, stir fry

I also had a chill Saturday night with old friends. As we grow older, it takes everyone effort to maintain connections. I’m truly very grateful for this bunch. Also, don’t miss out on cute little boba (my friend’s dog) in this vlog!

Thankyou for watching today’s video 🫶🏼 see you soon.

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