VIRAL TikTok Keto Recipes & Hacks (Part 4)


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Aug. 9-11, 2021

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  1. Just thinking outside the box here…

    Ever tried using a bell pepper as sandwich bread?? Split it down the middle, remove the seeds, cut off the bottom and top, add your spread (both sides if you wish) and meat & veggies…voila'

    Try roasting the bell pepper and making it a hot lunch🤔

  2. Oh, and I'm definitely much more of a Coke girl than a Pepsi girl (but then growing up in Atlanta, it's hard to NOT be a Coke person — LOL!). I just never liked the taste of Pepsi, myself — even when I tried the 'Pepsi Challenge' back in the 80s (which, as I think you're about my age — I'm 48 — you probably remember!). 🙂

  3. Definitely going to try the pizza roll-ups! I made something similar before where they were called 'keto taquitos' and I cooked up the cheese the same way (with no seasoning — though you could put some on!) and then, at the end, added pre-cooked taco meat inside and rolled them up. Almost the same thing, but definitely tasty!