Very Easy Keto Curry Recipe | Make This for Dinner Tonight!


Very Easy Keto Curry Recipe | Make This for Dinner Tonight!
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Very Easy Keto Curry Recipe | Make This for Dinner Tonight!
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  1. Indian food is actually a huge part of Scottish and English food culture. Did your wife teach you this recipe? Or did you win her heart with your curry? I love a good curry. My dads from Scotland and it's a huge part of our lives my family is also from Malaysia and they love my curry

  2. I'll try this. I made the Instant Pot chicken curry you prepared on the Sunday Q&A show last week. Fantastic!! And so easy and CHEAP to make! I made mine with chicken thighs, after pre-frying them for about 10 minutes. Otherwise, I followed yall's instructions. It is now a staple recipe of mine. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Hi, I am brand new to Keto and have been binging on your videos 🙂 You have some great recipes, information, and insights.
    However … you may owe England an apology. It isn't true that they don't have good food, and i don't think chicken tikka masala is their national dish. but they do like their currys. India used to be a colony of the UK.

  4. I just made this and both my husband and I loved it. It took 2 hours for my beef to get tender but I live at 4800 feet and things take longer at higher elevations. While it was cooking I thought there was too much salt but in the end it tasted fine. In the last few minutes, I also added a small amount of chopped zucchini, yellow summer squash, and 1/4 shredded cabbage. It was good with the veggies. This was excellent and I will be making it again for sure!

  5. Ive been doing Keto for about 3 months now (down 34lbs) and Im curious how many carbs you try to stick around on a day? right now Im able to stick around 20 to 25 carbs a day and am curious if I need to up that or if Im good? I eat 3 meals a day and have a snack around 830pm every now and again when i get a craving for a snack.

  6. CAN YOU DO A "INGREDIENTS TO STAY AWAY FROM" LIST OR VIDEO? when you guys pick up a product, you might say it's ok but it's imo or something. I know they have alot of different names or ways of saying sugar or msg! Love the channel! FYI alot of truck drivers are checking in and doing the keto diet! Also can you do a frozen meal video (comparisons with realgood, organic bistro, healthy choice, Birdseye steamables etc) Also can you do a video on keto friendly sauces? (Bolthouse, primal kitchen, chalula, chosen foods, diaya, tessamae's organic, organicgirl dressing)

  7. Yea national food of UK is DEFINITELY not tikka masalla, as a dude who’s spent a good time in both countries… the quality of food in the UK is WAY better that the garbage folks eat in the US. Grass fed beef isn’t a thing in the UK… because it’s all grass fed, what the hell are they feeding cows in America! 🤣


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