Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, Leaving Comfort Zones


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Tasting an old favorite lunch treat, Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, from Campbell’s. It still tastes much the same as when I carried it to work in a brown bag back in 1956. It is good and it can be made more nutritious by adding more vegetables. I tell some stories and there is a secret dessert as we think about whether it is a good idea to leave a comfort zone.





  1. I love the simplicity of Tom's videos. They remind me of the very beginning days of YouTube. Simple videos of simple people showing snip-its of their daily life. The YouTube of today isn't worth watching anymore.
    Thanks Tom for hanging in there and keeping it genuine. Keeping it simple. I've enjoyed every one of your videos. Continued success to you in the future.

  2. Do you have a beneficiary Featureman? You’re a penny-pincher which I can admire. But you can’t take your money with you to your next adventure after this one ends. I just hope you have youthful family or friend/friends to give it to so the state/banks don’t get to keep your hard earned money ✌🏽🤟🏽

  3. Yay. I'm glad you got the soup. I hope you enjoyed. If you ever want more just let me know. Thanks for making a video about the soup. That was clever how how you made it more of a meal by adding more with the required amount of water. Will try this on some of my favorite condensed soups. Never enough potatoes. We enjoyed it very much. Also about the comfort zone. Thanks for that. I am thinking about switching jobs leaving a job of 11 years. I can never build up there. Your advice may be just what I needed to hear.

  4. TOM,The FRANCO AMERICAN brand was a subsidy of CAMBELLS,they discontinued FRANCO but the cambelLs is the FRANCO RECEIPE and if you look on back of the label you will see the FRANCO AMERICAN trademark logo. Wikepdia explains it lol,i Tried to find some and no way but its just same in CAMBELS can

  5. Ive followed Tom for years,good career and memories,but since I grew up on an island in alaska ive grown up a prepper,and lesson learned is his meals are simple,cheap and with inflation and govt spending etc folks better get used to eating like this,nothing wrong,just people got cozy with eating out or fast food etc.