Vegan White Bean Soup


Ready for some pure, down-home comfort food? Completely plant-based and oil-free too? Then you have to check out this Vegan White Bean Soup. Perfect for these chilly fall days.

Full Recipe :

(and yes – the blog post for the recipe is correct…. 3 1/2 cups veggie broth)


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  1. I see that you had corn bread with your bean soup on another video. What corn bread recipe do you use? I tried one of the vegan corn bread recipes and it was awful. My hubby wouldn’t eat it and he likes most things or will at least act like he does. Not that. If you have a better one I wold like to see it.

  2. The frustrating thing is that transitioning to veganism means becoming a cook. For us simpletons who hate cooking, this is complicated. No I’m not lazy, I just struggle with cooking. Anything more complex than macaroni and cheese is a deterrent. Not everyone can become a coo remembering all these steps and sprinkling a pinch of sage and basil and garlic on this or that. It seems nauseating to remember such details. My favorite meal so far is a almond butter banana sandwich. See? Simple.


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