Vegan w/ Family: Loved Meals, Down Time, & Self-Care


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We got some much needed down time and quality time with family visiting us here in Florida this past weekend. We get two recurrent questions whenever we have our parents on our social media… 1) How do you stay vegan and healthy around family and friends and while eating out? and 2) Your parents look so young and have great skin, what’s their secret?! Haha, no joke! We’re answering both questions in this vlog. We made some of our favorite vegan comfort food recipes that are loved by both vegans and non-vegans alike, and shared a bit about skincare and getting back on track with self-care after our visitors left town!

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  1. We just got home (back to Midwest) from a month in Florida and my skin has been great too! I contribute it to healthy consistent eating in the warmer climate, humidity and moisture, and moderate sun exposure. Coming back home to cold Indiana is so dry! Love your videos, thanks for sharing!

  2. Dusty, Erin! You both are just glowing being in Florida! It’s so great seeing these vlogs with the kiddos! Ps my skin for sure misses that humidity down there 😅 but loving this one! Hopefully soon you will find your tribe with other kiddos down there so you can “fill” the feelings of having a “village”. I never grew up around family so it was different for me. But I know you both attract the right type of people so I hope that comes soon ☺️ I’m sure it won’t fill the void of missing fam but I think it’ll help with being newer to the area and not feeling as “alone”. Love you guys and sending you all the love and positivity!

  3. Thanks for sharing all your family moments. You all are an inspiration!!! I’ve been following for years but haven’t embarked on this health restoring way of eating. Starting out with small steps last week after watching Chef AJ’s Weight Loss Summit. Why aren’t you all on there? I just purchased the Bundle, thank you to all behind this amazingly inexpensive offer that really is priceless to our anatomy’s longevity! This time it was affordable and so I pulled the trigger! I hope not to waste this gift really, unlike my gastric bypass surgery that I have squandered. This week I made smoothies, whole grain cereal bowls with fresh fruit, and bean and veggie soups for breakfast and lunch. It’s what I had on hand. Dinner swap out is soon to come! Erin and Baby Liv you are beautiful, Dusty and Max you are handsome! Erin and Dusty thank you for all the videos, it’s not easy I’m sure juggling so many things and you’ve come a long way and in a short time. Keep it up, you are making a difference! May God continue to bless you all!

  4. Big tip: never give your toddler or child a phone – if you already have it will definitley be a nightmare getting them away from it – those devices cause too much unnatural stimulation just like TV – has been proven to cause the brain to deteriorate in certain regions – no such things as just a "little" bit here and there – a child's exposure to such devices is not worth that 10 minutes to yourself

  5. I'm not sure how helpful this is because we don't have kids but I lived far from family for 14 years. The first 10 years I was just a 5 hour drive from home and I could see my family whenever I really wanted to for a weekend. When we moved from PA to TX then UT (the last 4 years) I struggled really badly as flying home was expensive and takes an entire day then COVID. We ended up moving back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family which is where I am now. During those 4 years in between visits I would bury the homesickness but after visits it would take me a week or so to not be pretty depressed. While I miss a lot about SLC Utah and the mountains, I don't regret our move back at all. I'm not sure what your finances are like but if you have the flexibility to spend some time in Florida during the winter I'd personally keep my house near family and do that.

  6. We left my parents back in the UK to come to New Zealand almost 5yrs ago, my kids were 2 and 3 at the time. I felt guilty about taking away their grandkids and still do but it was the right decision for us and I remind myself of that if I feel sad. The opportunities and the life here are so much better for us, especially for our children than they would have been in the UK, much as I love my home country.

    My parents visited 2yrs ago just before the pandemic and will hopefully come back when the restrictions ease. We hadn’t seen each other for 3yrs but the kids were so comfortable with them if was like we’d never left. We Skype every week and talk about the grandparents all the time so they are still an important part of our lives even though we are far apart.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to travel back and forth more easily between Florida and Nebraska but it’s so different from being in the same town.

  7. Beautiful video as always, thanks for the reminder about skin care I needed it!! I really felt the love and care you have for each other in your family and it was uplifting to watch. I hope your homesickness will pass rapidly, leaving away from family is sometimes difficult to handle. We have three kids and live away from family (although in France away from family only means 700km to do 😅) and I feel homesick sometimes too , but it always pass and I always remind myself why we are living so far and why it’s worth some heartache sometimes. Sending you lot of love!

  8. Oh my gosh! That water looks amazing! I was instantly transported almost like a mini vacation seeing you guys on the beach enjoying family time. I would love to move to Florida some day! I bought the bundle through your link. So much content and so reasonably priced! Thanks for sharing!