Vegan Tofu Butter "Chicken" – Vegan Indian Cuisine Recipe


Vegan Tofu Butter “Chicken” – Vegan Indian Cuisine Recipe

How to make this delicious, cruelty free, vegan tofu butter chicken! This is one of my favorite dishes from the Indian cuisine that I have stopped eating. So in this video we re-create the vegan version of it!




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Vegan butter “chicken”

Tofu “chicken” Marinade For the tofu kebab

1 cup cashew nuts ( soaked in hot water for 4 hours, or over night for 7 hours in room temperature water.)

1/4-1/2 cup filtered water for blending the cashews

600g Good quality firm tofu

2 TBSP Garam masala powder

1/2 tbsp salt

1 TSP Red chili powder

1/2 TBSP Turmeric powder

1 TSP Sweet paprika

1/4 TSP Cardamom

The Juice of one lemon

4 cloves of grated garlic

2 TBSP white flour

1 large chunk of freshly grated ginger

How to make the Tofu marinade for the tofu kebabs:
Soak the cashews in hot water for 4 hours until the cashews have softened. Alternatively, you can soak them overnight for about 7 hours in water. Once the cashews are soft, discard the water and add them to your blender along with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water and blend that up until smooth, creamy and delicious. Set that aside.
Cut the tofu blocks into big chunks and place them into a bowl along with all the spices, lemon juice, grated garlic, flour, and the freshly grated ginger. Add half of the cashew nut cream that we made from the blender , and mix all the ingredients together, covering every piece of tofu. Once mixed, take each piece of tofu and slide it on to the kebab skewers. place the skewers on a small baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake these for 20-25 minutes in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius. While that is baking, its time to make the curry !

For the curry:

3 TBSP vegan butter. I used margarine

1 onion

4 cloves of grated garlic

1 large chunk of grated ginger

a pinch of dried red chili

2 TBSP garam masala

1 TSP cardamom

1/4 TSP cinnamon

1/2 TBSP salt

1 cup tomato sauce

The rest of the cashew nut cream that we had reserved from the tofu marinade

400 ml organic coconut milk ( we only want to use the cream from one can of coconut milk. We don’t need the liquid for this recipe.

How to make the butter chicken curry:
To a frying pan add the butter, and let it melt on medium heat. Then add the onions, garlic, ginger, and all the spices. Let that cook for a 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the tomato sauce, cashew nut cream, and the cream of the coconut milk. Stir all the ingredients together and let it bubble. This should take another 6 minutes to cook. After 6 minutes or so transfer the curry to a blender and blend it up until smooth and creamy. Alternatively you can use a hand blender.
Transfer the mixture back into your frying pan. Remove the tofu from the oven and slide the tofu pieces off the skewer and into the sauce. Serve hot with naan bread! 😊







  1. I made the sauce but not exactly the same i just put coconut milk, add more vegan butter at the end and ginger in powder but it turned out really good ! I have to improve because i know my cuisine is not perfect but thank you !! 😊

  2. Ohhhh this looks so good! And you are from Toronto! (I am from Calgary now living in England). I cannot wait to get all the goodies I need so I can try this. Will definitely be checking out your other videos. And here's a massive compliment…I used to LOVE cooking but for various reasons, have absolutely hated it for more than 20 years. Have avoided it, been "grazing" now that I don't have kids to feed anymore. But after just one of your videos (Chana Masala), I wanted to cook again. And now this second video, I CAN'T WAIT to start cooking again. I cannot believe it…thank you for not just making me "not hate" cooking, but for actually reigniting my desire to do it. A huge gift. Thank you!!

  3. I'm Indian and my mom never used fresh cream or yogurt in butter chicken, in her recipe she always used cashew paste, she would toast the cashew paste in spices and tomato paste and butter, and then add the spices, water and chicken and then simmer it for a while and then close the lid and cook till the chicken is cooked, that's her version and it's really good, I hope you guys try it, it's very rich, ya'll can veganise it of course but incase you don't wanna use coconut cream which in my opinion changes the taste of it to the point it's not even butter chicken anymore so try cashew milk or better paste/cream

  4. Well I’m really glad I found your channel and happy to try this scrumptious recipe. But now I’m so hungry I’d eat my shoe if I could. It’s 3:00 am here now – too late for a late night snack, too early for breakfast. Third World problems lol

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