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  1. Sooo i made the biscuits from this vid and i don't know what went wrong, because i did follow the instructions. but they completely melted in the oven (i did chill the biscuits before baking!). I suppose there was too little flour in the batter. The biscuits turned out completly flat 🙁 But i will try this recipe again, next time with more flour and maybe more chill time? I don't know. Also because the batter literally melted in the oven, and the biscuits turned out so flat, the baking time was way shorter, than recommended in the video. Next time i will also try to turn the heat up, but let them bake a shorter amount of time. But i still love the effort that went into creating this video. Did anyone else try this recipe?

  2. Ok, I just tried it. I used an other kind of biscuits because I wanted to be sure that the cream was ok. Personally I find that the quantity of coco milk is too much, so I changed the doses. Btw, I finally did the tiramisù and as italian I can guarantee that it is AMAZING. The best recipe ever! I almost can't find any differences. Chapeau and thank you for sharing <3

  3. This tastes great but if you are not a vegan Its not worth the hassle. The classic recipe with just lady fingers, mascarpone,coffee,few eggs,sugar and optionally some vanilla extract and alcohol (amaretto,wine,rum,brandy whatever you like best tbh) is just as good tbh.

  4. I will try the recipe, it has less coconut in it than other recipes.
    I do not want it to taste coconut, the original version does not.

    Do I have to use almond milk or can I use soy rice milk without it tasting different?
    I always have them there.

    It's an ideal summer recipe, I know a few people who love tiramisu, but do not dare to do it in the summer because of the eggs.
    My guts hardly tolerate any of such desserts, so I have to find an alternative.
    Let's see if I tolerate this variant, because of the Cashews I'm not so sure. Nuts are unfortunately relatively rich in FODMAPs. :-(.

    Rum is not part of a tiramisu that would change the taste too much.
    The other food I think is OK, it was trying to find an alternative to milk and eggs, then it is also legit that it will taste something different.

    I can not explain why you want to replace Masala or Amaretto with rum. Amaretto is used when Masala is not available for some reason.


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