Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes and Ideas | “The Vegan Roadie” Dustin Harder


The most popular Thanksgiving side dishes in all 50 states are revealed! Can they be made vegan? Find out when The Vegan Roadie, Dustin Harder, joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll for a special edition of The Exam Room!

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  1. Perhaps you could do a session with Dr Bernard about treatment of migraines by WFPB diet and refer to this article in BMJ – Chronic migraine reversal and prevention with the LIFE diet: a nutrient dense whole food plant-based diet (WFPBD)

    Brittany Marie Perzia1, Joshua L Dunaief2 and David M Dunaief3

  2. A friend of the family is an Allergist MD. I asked him if any of his patients are allergic to meat or fowl and he said no, that is almost unheard of. I asked then what are they allergic to and he said, they are allergic to wonderful wholesome plant based goodies like tree pollen, ragweed, mold form leaves, poison ivy, peanuts, citrus fruits, strawberries, high oxalate greens, soy products, wheat gluten, nightshade vegetables, natural bee stings and the list goes on.

  3. Pureeing corn is a great idea. Getting together with family who all love the SAD will be interesting this year. I'm taking lots of dishes to share that I can/will want to eat. The cornbread dressing has always been my favorite part of the meal. It would be easy to make vegan. I'm using Better than Boullion (prob spelled that wrong) vegan chkn variety to make the broth.

  4. I’m originally from Southwest Louisiana (the heel of the boot)… we also had rice dressing, which has ground beef and pork, and the roux starts with butter or bacon grease. These days I think a lot of folks just buy boudin without the casing. If anyone out there has a great vegan boudin recipe, please share!

  5. We make our mash with a bunch of white potatoes (regular and ones with red skin) + at least one big sweet potato (either white flesh or purple) + garlic powder + nutritional yeast + Oatly full fat + a little salt. They are amazing! We have made them with different milks, all good. We don't use vegan butter and non-vegans that we have shared with have said they were great!

  6. My family’s fruit salad (aka ambrosia) was traditionally made with a base of sour cream and some mini marshmallows for sweetness, along with some apples, canned fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges, walnuts, and coconut. I’ve long since gone to more fresh fruit (except for the canned mandarins). So, since I usually make it, I’ll be using a vegan yogurt (haven’t tried vegan sour cream yet), and I found vegan marshmallows! Also adding persimmon to the mix!

  7. Southern cornbread dressing traditionally uses chicken broth plus drippings from the turkey on crumbled up cornbread. Add an egg, cream of mushroom soup, sauteed onions and celery, season with poultry seasoning, sage, salt, and pepper. I've simply swapped out veggie broth for chicken broth, no turkey drippings, of course, and no egg or cream of mushroom soup. I simply do not miss the egg and soup. My cornbread recipe works very well with an egg replacer, too. All the meat eaters around here still love my Texas cornbread dressing, especially with my "chicken" patties or strips made from super firm tofu, marinaded in a special seasoned sauce, then breaded and baked. Throw that on top of the dressing and….yummy! Thanks for the ideas, guys!!!

  8. I think the hardest part of thanksgiving is making sure your center piece dish is fancy enough. Its a holiday celebrating gratitude for making it another year with your family and food is really central to it. I'm debating on whether to make a mushroom wellington or a stuffed pumpkin.