Vegan Sinigang // Vegan Filipino Recipes with Janelle


On today’s episode of veganizing Filipino dishes, Janelle and I tackle Sinigang! Sinigang is a tamarind based soup that has lots of savoury tangy flavour and is full of vegetables and greens. Typically served with rice and traditionally made with pork, this version is made with roasted soy bites to achieve a similar fall-apart pork-like texture in this soup!


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♡ Where do you live? – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 🙂
♡ Where do you find mushroom broth powder? – Asian grocery stores have it. I show what the packaging looks like in this video:
♡ What’s up with your skin? – I have eczema, and atopic dermatitis on my hands. I share what I do to help my skin in this video:
♡ Is YouTube your full time job? – No, I work part-time in marketing 🙂
♡ What does your logo mean? Why isn’t your logo using the Vietnamese flag? – Actually I use the South Vietnam flag because it represents Viet Kieu (Vietnamese immigrants after the fall of Saigon), my parents were both boat refugees before immigrating to Canada. My logo combines two parts of my identity: Maple leaf because I’m Canadian, and the South Vietnam flag because I’m Vietnamese 🙂

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  1. Thank you for showing me how to use tamarind paste! I've always wanted to try but I'm too hesitant to get because I'm not sure how to use it. I'm reaaaaaally trying to broaden my horizons and try all different types of sauces and spices. <3 <3 Thanks you two! I love you ladies!

  2. It’s good you have gloves on for your allergies, as I remember that Chris, from, said that when you’re peeling eddoes, there is a starchy residue that may cause itching to your hands. He was making “Ital Soup” at the time (a Rastafarian vegan dish). Your soup looks so good! And, I have tamarind…Yay! All I need now is bok choy, okra, and eddoes.🙄. I have to find a new Asian grocery as my T&T on Cherry Street in Toronto has closed to make way for condos.😔boo, hiss.


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