Vegan “seafood” boil in the airfryer!! Mind blowing good!


Family the Lord put a good recipe in my spirit today!! So I use to love a seafood boil in a bag type thang right? So i decided to make a similar dish the quick vegan way in the air fryer! I used Mataki and king trumpet mushrooms for my seafood replacement🔥🙌🏾 And listen baaaabbbbyyyy it’s HITTIN!!!! Y’all come in in here and let’s make this together! Me and the Lord is pleased!!! Very good!!! #tabithabrown #vegan #plantbased #seafood #airfryer #recipe #easy #delicious





  1. OMG, I never heard of pickled okra, but baby😂!!! Soooooo bomb!!! Bought it from Target just to support one of my favorite people in the world❤( got lucky and got a bag of sweet and salty and a bag garlic parmasean popcorn) but I ran back to Target to pick up the last jar of pickled okra because it was sooo good. I thought it was going to be slimy and salty but it was perfect! Perfect crunch and seasoning. I can eat them right out the jar but I’m excited to add them to a salad or a sandwich.

  2. Tab I love watching your videos you are hilarious!🤣😂😂 I’m going to save this video that dish looked good except okra which I don’t like! By the way please tell Target to restock your collection it’s flying off the shelves. I want to buy some of your products too!😊