Vegan Lunch Wraps:(Tortilla Wrap Ideas) ๐Ÿ’•

If you are looking for some new vegan lunch wraps ideas, you are on the right place. These simple vegan lunch wraps are not only easy to make but also supper economical.These lunch wraps are power packed with proteins as I have introduced humus, beans and corn into them. which make them super fulfilling. BOOM:)

I have used whole wheat tortilla in these recipe you can also use any other tortilla or even lettuce for wrapping them up. These tortilla wraps are for all my vegetarian friends who are always in a search of vegan recipes or vegan lunch ideas.

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Humus and avocado peanut dip Recipe :

1:Carrot Celery Lunch Wrap
Calories:274, Protein: 7.8g, Carbs: 29.2g, Fat: 12.6g

Carrot julienned:1/4cup
Celery julienned:1/4 cup
Chili flakes (optional): 1/2Tsp
Whole wheat tortilla: 1

Place the tortilla and evenly spread hummus. Now place carrots, Celery, walnuts on to the wrap and sprinkle some red chili flakes
Wrap it up and your Carrot Celery Lunch Wrap is Ready.

2:Beans Corn Lunch Wrap (vegetarian wraps with avocado)
Calories:289, Protein: 11.1g, Carbs: 35.8g, Fat:9.1g

Red Kidney beans 3Tbs(Washed and drained)I have used tin ones.
Sweet Corn 3Tbs
Baby Spinach 25g
Capsicum small 1/4 Sliced
Avocado Peanut Dip 3Tbs
Chili Flakes (optional) 1/2 Tsp
Whole wheat Tortilla: 1

Place the tortilla and evenly spread Avocado peanut dip. Now place red kidney beans, sweet corn,baby spinach and capsicum on to the wrap and sprinkle some red chili flakes
Wrap it up and your bean Corn Lunch Wrap is Ready.

3: BBQ Chickpeas Lunch Wrap
This Recipe will serve two
Per Serving Calories: 298, Protein: 14.4g, Carbs:47.9g, Fat:10.4g

Chickpeas 250grms
Oil 1/2 Tbs
Chopped Garlic 1Tsp
salt 1/2 Tsp
pepper 1/4Tsp
BBQ sauce 1Tbs
Mixed Greens 50g
Tomatoes medium :1Sliced
Whole wheat Tortilla :2

Heat oil in a saucepan add chopped garlic and fry. now add chickpeas ( Washed and drained). add salt pepper and BBQ sauce. Stir fry.
BBQ chickpea mixture is ready. This mixture is enough for two wraps.
On whole wheat tortilla first place your greens and then add BBQ Chickpeas and tomato slices.
Wrap it up and your BBQ Chickpea Lunch Wrap is Ready.


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