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Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday! Did you ever think I would be sharing keto recipes on this channel? I didn’t either! But I think I have a pretty good reason.

In this “what I ate vegan”, I share one day of eating plant-based keto. It might surprise you if you only know about meat-based keto.

Plus, I’ll address the main questions and concerns you had when I told you about me making this on the community page and on Instagram.

This includes:
Why am I doing keto?
Am I doing plant-based keto? Which of course is answered already!
How to do vegan keto?
What about side effects and isn’t keto unhealthy?
And what about your macros and nutrients on plant-based keto?

As always, my videos are for inspiration, not to tell you how to eat. Nothing I say is health advice. I’m only sharing my personal experience.

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VEGAN KETO AVOCADO “TOAST” printable recipe:


VEGAN KETO FRIED “RICE” printable recipe:


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  1. As a type 2 diabetic, keto + intermittent fasting (in my case, only eating lunch and dinner, no breakfast or snacks) is how I can manage my blood sugar levels without medication. I love Heavenly Fan's channel, and am thrilled that you'll be sharing keto recipes and tips!!!

  2. Vegan Keto is awesome. In order to achieve autophagy in the cells, a meat eater would have to fast for at least 48 hrs a week. I'd rather vegan keto. if you take in more carbs than you use, it will make your blood cells sticky, spike insulin and you will therefore store fat. The vegan keto is too strict for men I find myself wanting organic duck eggs 4 days a week; 24 hrs apart (3 days straight vegan). For those who find they like their hair on vegan keto, that or some salmon or such will help.

  3. I’m gonna eat more soy curls! Question, if I make my own cauliflower rice, can I make more than one serving at a time? And if yes, best way to store them? Don’t worry about those negative comments, people need to take your wonderful ideas and convert them to their needs. Also, I get crazy bitter tongue from pine nuts, which is sad because they are delicious. What would you substitute for pine nuts? I try to keep low fat because I have crazy high blood lipids. Right now my triglycerides are 500, so I should try to lower my carbs. I’m only 125lbs and not diabetic and don’t drink alcohol, but my doctor put me on fish oil to try to lower my triglycerides, but I hate to have an animal product back in my diet. I’m thinking of trying to be a bit more vegan keto and see if that helps. Your videos will be a big help for me

  4. Mary I know you're an intelligent and well informed person and that you probably get alot of well intentioned advice in the comments section, for these reasons I've kept silent over the years, but I have to say it! Please try going gluten-free for 6 weeks while continuing to do all the things that have been
    working for you.
    I suffered from eczema for most of my life and later developed tendinitis and anemia. I went whole-foods-vegan and gluten-free and in less than 4 months the
    eczema tendinitis and anemia went away!!!
    Maybe you could try?

  5. Right on, Mary! Your plant-based keto diet thoughts mirror my own. Having been a juvenile diabetic for the majority of my life, every one of my docs has told me to stay far away from meat-based keto, but plant-based keto gets their thumbs up. I’ve made so many meals using your great recipes, tofu cooking methods and ideas, and now I’m so looking forward to trying out this one for soy curls in the air fryer! Thanks for all your hard work and great ideas!

  6. As a Dietitian who writes meal plans for a living, a true vegan keto diet is impossible, unless you are modifying the macros significantly. Then you are not getting into ketosis. Trust me, I have tried for many clients. It is impossible to eat 100% plant-based (umm carbs) and hit the recommended ~75% fat required to be in ketosis. Avocados, nuts, and tofu all have carbs. If you plugged your daily diet into professional nutrient analysis software, you would see what I am talking about. I have written many keto diets and even adding an extra few tablespoons of vegetables can throw the macros off and cause the carbs to go too high. Most people "think" they are doing keto, but unless testing with ketone strips, it is impossible to know for sure.

  7. This was lovely to watch, your approach makes so much sense! I think people are triggered by the mention of keto because they associate it with weight loss and diet culture, but as you say some feel that veganian is also just about weight loss and that's certainly not the case!