VEGAN FOOD DIARY😋 … what I eat in a week to feel good 🌱


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Day 1:
Weetabix bowl:
-3 weetabix
-1 scoop vegan protein powder
-170ml plant milk
-1 TBSP ground flax seeds
-2 TBSP vegan yogurt
Peanut maple caramel:
-1 TBSP peanut butter
-1 TBSP maple syrup
-some water to thin it out

Stir fry:
-2 small wraps
-150g veggies
-70g smoked tofu
Peanut sauce:
-1 TBSP peanut butter
-1 TSP each agave, vinegar, sriracha
-my allrounder spice
-water to thin

Pasta alla norma:
-2 eggplants
-some oil
-salt and pepper
Cut the eggplant, mix with oil and season.
Roast at 200C/400F for 30-35mins.
-1 onion
-3 cloves garlic
Fry in some oil
-3 Tbsp tomato paste
Roast for a few minutes and optionally deglaze with some red wine.
-1 can (400g) chopped tomatoes (wash it out with some water)
-salt, pepper and dried herbs to taste
-1 Tsp sugar
Let it simmer while cooking 200g pasta Al dente.
Add everything to the sauce and cook 4-5mins.
Serve with vegan Parmesan.

Pancake scramble:
-1 apple, chopped and sautéed with cinnamon
-65g flour
-1 TSP baking powder
-1 scoop vegan protein powder
-2 TBSp vegan yogurt
-100ml plant milk
Serve with „peanut maple caramel“

Carrot pita:
-1 TSP chili oil
-2 small carrots, chopped
70g smoked tofu
-1 heaped TBSP hummus
-2 TBSP vegan bolognese
Serve in a pita

Loaded fries:
-frozen fries heated up in the air fryer
-1 bell pepper + vegan chicken
Hummus sauce:
-1 TBSP each hummus and soy yogurt
-1 TSP sriracha
-water to thin
-optionally: some curry powder

Day 3:
Deluxe weetabix:
-3 weetabix
-1 scoop vegan protein powder
-170ml plant milk
-1 TBSP ground flax seeds
-2 TBSP vegan yogurt
‚Chocolate saucel‘:
-10g vegan chocolate, melted
-1/2 TBSP each peanut butter and maple syrup

Peanut-chocolate bars:
-60g corn or rice cakes
-25g vegan protein powder
-75g agave or maple syrup
-85g peanut butter
-chocolate to spread on top

Butter tofu:

Much love
Maya 🙂





  1. All of this more than likely tastes the same. All of these selections but of course the facade comes out via her reactions
    “Mmmm great. Delicious. You gotta try this”
    I’m sure none of it tastes the way she prescribes. Im sure most of it is very bland. I’ve had lots of vegan food (not a vegan) and everything meat or dairy substitute I’ve ever tried has always missed . Always. Bland. Moisture isn’t the same. The insta reward your brain recieves when eating something you truly love is never there, chicken never tastes like chicken, beef never tastes like beef. It’s just horrible. I WILL SAY THIS… I will. if you’re doing it for a better well being and healthier lifestyle, so be it. I respect that. But don’t tell people that “so long as you season it properly , it’ll taste just like the real thing”.
    A whopper of a lie

  2. Dein Kochbuch ist einfach toll. Einfache vegane Rezepte, die meine 18 jährige Tochter und ich lieben und das 2. Buch ist schon bestellt für das Studentinnenleben ab Herbst(denn meins gebe ich nicht her 😉)Alles Gute noch für das mündliche Abi✊

  3. I love your videos and creative recipes. Btw you listed in the recipe that you should roast the eggplant. But please just put the eggplant straight into the pan EVERYTIME, like you did it's not worth to use the oven and waste an hour of energy (and time) when you can just fry the eggplant with other pasta veggies.