VEGAN COOKING SECRETS that will transform your cooking


Hope you enjoy these vegan cooking secrets. Recipes mentioned/shown are linked down below! Let me know what your vegan cooking secrets are 😉

☀︎ Collard greens
recipe on my blog
☀︎ Mushroom carnitas
recipe on my blog
☀︎ Mushroom gravy
recipe on my blog
☀︎ Sweet potato hummus (with miso)
recipe on my blog
☀︎ Fried oyster mushrooms
recipe on my blog

☀︎ Special secret ingredients mentioned. They are usually cheaper in stores like Sprouts and Asian grocery stores 😉
Mellow miso
Dark miso
Porcini mushroom powder
Dulse seaweed flakes
Ume plum vinegar

Dress from Farm Rio 🌺
Headwrap from Fanm Djanm

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  1. The art of food

    Veggies , by a combination of use to make it complete in starch content proportion

    Mushroom , by dehydration to make it into quantitative

    Grains , by mixing non oily seeds to make it self sufficient

    Beans , by fortifications to make it essential

    Fruits , by processing to make it into aroma

    Pork , by slicing into tiny pieces to make it into the least meat content needed

    Beef , by grounding into paste and gravy to make it expensive

    Poultry , by deep frying and separation to make it optional

    Dairy,egg,fish , by turning into processed meat balls to make it redundant

    Replacing these sales in descending order would result in a price mechanism which animal ingredients would be reduced , in a promised quota provided of subsidy , reducing meat production to cut costs. International trade of massive cheap meat would be replaced by a single standard of price protection reference.
    Vegetables pairing would be processed in sufficiency , to create a variety of price in quantity. So that vegetables grown for side dish would be replaced by market gardening.
    Grains would be grown into fair share for consumers as food insurance and security to replace feedstock agriculture.

    In order to let corporates participate in this methane quota business , we would need a diet menu combined with herbals, multi starchy veg , various grains in protein content , oilly seeds protein product , and plant based meat.

    The whether success of this food promotion would decide the profitbility of the economic structure to create revenue and reserve by a vegan economy.

  2. Clear, best explanation yet for adding flavors: great! I follow recipes that are complicated but this is so easy to understand and also to use for multiple recipes!
    I imagine once you get the science down for flavor,
    it easy to buy products, I’m home free!
    Thank you!

  3. I just recently went vegan and am learning to make plant-based “meat”. I’m using mushrooms, and I’ve got wheat gluten down fairly well. I got a can of jackfruit to give that a whirl. I wish more people would open vegan restaurants. Outside of big cities, I have to just cook for myself. Thank you for your videos.