WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!! How to make vegan chicken, meaty & tasty!!

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Episode 4 in season 9 is how to make VEGAN CHICKEN. Lets save some chickens & eat vegan chicken, not only does it taste better, its healthier & of course cruelty free. Its seitan recipe, aka wheat gluten, so you know this has a meat like texture, its really simple to make. I really hope you enjoy. Ps you can tear this vegan chicken into chicken strips too for stir fries or frying.

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  1. Great!!!!! (not) I have a serious question regarding a glaring error but can't email coz it's not 'business' and can't tweet coz I don't have twitter. Can't follow ya recipe, Gaz, if the instructions are flawed, and can't get the correction I need if I can't contact you!!!!!! What da f**k is a vegan to do???????

  2. Asking a vegetarian or vegan why they eat meat replacements is idiotic. It's not like we don't eat meat because we don't like the taste. It's so that because we get to enjoy a meat-like texture and flavour without any animals getting harmed.

    Anyway, this looks soooooo amazing, I want to try it! <3

  3. Just made these and they tasted amazing, had to make a few substitutions (rosemary for sage and sauteed mushrooms for dried). There was quite a lot of prep involved though so I would advise doubling (or even tripling) this recipe up and freezing it for later. Next to try the other seitan recipes that Gaz has!

  4. This was an appetizing looking meal. It really got my attention, especially since it is vegan and I'm a vegetarian. I think might try making this, but I would just substitute a few of the ingredients.

    I've had store bought vegetarian meats before, but I have never seen how they were made.

    I would prefer a different music, like for example something classical. But otherwise this was a good cooking video.

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  5. Can I prepare the chicken and pop it in the fridge or even the freezer, until I'm ready to do the pan frying / oven phase ? Only been at this game for a week, and kinda want to bulk cook. I haven't got the whole family on board yet, and want to take the hassle out of meal times by doubling up and freezing etc. I totally resent shop bought prices.


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