Vegan Broccoli and Cheese Soup with Vegan Bread Bowls


We are making 2 absolutely delicious and perfectly fall recipes for you today.

Recipe 1 – Learn how to make vegan bread bowls from scratch. Perfect for today’s soup or any of your favorite soup recipe. They are easy to make and need just 6 ingredients!

Recipe 2 – Learn how to make a simple and delicious vegan broccoli and cheese soup. Loaded with flavor and ready in 45 minutes.

★Recipes ★

🌱 Vegan Bread Bowls:

🌱 Vegan Broccoli and Cheese Soup:

🌱 Watch our vegan everything dough video:

🌱 Get even more vegan soup ideas:

❌❌❌ Allergens: The Soup can be top 8 free. Bread bowls contain wheat.

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*Large baking sheet:
*Large pot with a lid:
*Bear claw mitts:





  1. What a comforting and delicious recipe! I am sure no one will be missing out while switching to this vegan option!
    Also, I love the allergy-friendly and zero-waste aspects! Safe for kids, good for the planet and no doubt just fantastic!
    Have a great day or night!
    Sending you all the positive energy!

  2. Great video looks yummy! I had a question though in reference to the pumpkin spice loaf! I made it and it delicious but I just wanted to know how would I make a coffee cake since I assume the recipe would be practically the same just without some of the spices and pumpkin puree. Just curious if you would make a video or recipe for Coffee Cake?


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