Uziza Soup. This soup will make you bite your fingers. | Delicious Nigerian soup.


Thank you for watching today’s video. This Nigerian soup (uziza soup) will make you bite your fingers. So delicious 🤤 I hope you get to try it out and enjoy it. List of ingredients Uziza leaf (2 hand full) Goat meat or any meat of your choice. Stock fish fillets ( as desired) I used about a cup Snails ( optional) I just think everything tastes better with snails 🤩 Dry asa fish (4 pieces ) Seasoning cube to taste Salt to taste 1 cup of good palm oil 1 cup of crayfish 1 flat dawadawa [ or ogiri igbo ]
Yellow pepper to taste. How to make eba .





  1. This looks so good! I remember years ago this Nigerian lady use to braid my hair and always offered a plate of her food . Growing up in a home where we were taught not to eat at everyone house but damn I would take a plate every time she offered 🤣 those dishes were the best.

  2. Goat meat, kpoma, stock fish, snail, smoked fish and crafish all in one pot of soup. Upon all that you still added not one but two maggi cubes. Na waa. I used to cook like that until it hit me that, soup my mother prepared with just a little bit of beef and crayfish tasted sweeter. That's when I reduced my ingredients and simplified my cooking recipe. Since then I have been enjoying Igbo native meals in the authentic way. Try cooking snail with smoked fish and of course crayfish in any base no meat.

  3. Hello dear, sorry to ask. What state do you reside in the US, that you always have fresh African green leafy vegetables, such as Ogu(pumpkin leaves) Uziza and the rest? Especially, my favorite vegetables, Ogu.? I really admire that and love ur cooking too. ❤️❤️❤️🇳🇬💯🇺🇸🩸❤️