Upgrade your salad game with these 3 awesome recipes


The weather is warming up in QLD, Australia so BBQ season is near! Many of us focus on the meat dish, but I often find that it’s the salads I prepare that end up being the favourite dish on the table. So here are three of my favourite salads that don’t take long to prepare. Follow along and make them for your next BBQ.

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  1. I like that you show your substitutions along the way. So often I find that I don’t have or can’t find exactly what I need for a dish. It’s nice to see you improvising on the fly rather than aiming for absolute perfection. We’re trying to feed our families, not earn Michelin stars!

  2. I grew up eating fresh salads all summer long, even in deep snow i sometimes yearn for some juicy fruit in my salad.

    Excuse my poor vegetable vocabluary

    An all time classic of mine is with thick proper green lettuce, some uncooked red cabbage, apples, whatever seeds and nuts you can find and some sour firm apples.
    Basically my go to early autumn dish

    Excuse my poor english vegetable vocabulary

  3. @Andy hey mate 👍 as a chef my self I love seeing ur creativity and segmenting fruits that way brings back memory's I think the idea of dill in the fennel salad was actually a brilliant idea and the taste sounds amazing I'm definitely going to make that one when I go fishing again 😋