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Junk food refers to consumables with minimal nutritional value. Foods high in salt or sugar content can also be classified as junk food because they can negatively impact your body. Junk food is simple to carry, buy, eat, and drink. This video will address the junk food list you should stay away from.

Pizza, burgers, and fries: These foods are ridden with trans fat and contain bad cholesterol, which will result in heart ailments and obesity. Trans-fat should be completely avoided as it contains zero health benefits and remains stored within our bodies. The buns and dough burgers and pizzas are comprised of are just as unhealthy because they are heavily processed. Further, the oil used in the deep fryers used to cook fries are severely unhealthy, especially if ingested on a regular basis.

Carbonated Beverages: Carbonated drinks are full of sugar, which is the leading cause of diabetes in America. Sugar also damages our teeth over time. Further, the liver converts extra sugar stored in the body into fats. It is easy to become addicted to these beverages as they contain caffeine. It is prudent to refrain from drinking anything carbonated. Instead, opt for healthier drinks like fruit smoothies or tea.

Cookies, Pastries, and Cakes: These are usually comprised of refined wheat flour and refined sugar, along with extra fats, which are often disturbingly unhealthy fats such as shortening (high in trans-fats). These delicious treats are the worst thing you can put into your body. They contain little-to-no essential nutrients.

Donuts: Everyone loves donuts. They are filling and delicious. However, they are comprised of white bread dough, whipped cream, and an abundance of sugar. There are about 500 calories in a 100g donut, and a quarter of its fat content is trans-fat, which may result in obesity and fatal heart disease.

Ice-Cream: There aren’t very many people who don’t like ice-cream. Sadly, commercial ice cream is chock full of sugar. Each lick is nothing but an intake of empty calories, which ice cream is high in. It’s even worse to have ice cream for desert since you’re then adding more calories on top of the ones you consumed for dinner.

Potato-Chips: Chips are stuffed with saturated fats that are hazardous to the body’s arteries. When the arteries get blocked, bad cholesterol may come about. There are 550 calories and 35g of fat in a 100g bag of chips. Refrain from this snack as it can damage your body and result in obesity.

Most Highly Processed-Foods: Stay away from processed food to keep extra weight off and remain healthy. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that if it appears to be made in a factory, it’s likely bad for you. Real food doesn’t come with an ingredients label on it.

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