Unexpected Keto Hacks That You Need to Try!


Emily and I go over our favorite hacks/ recipes that have made our keto lifestyles so much easier!

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Cucumber hack:
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keto Korean corn dogs:
ravioli hacks:
Leek ravioli:
Pumpkin ravioli:
mushroom ravioli:
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Cottage cheese videos:
cottage cheese chips:
cookie dough:

Cottage cheese chips:

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  1. You introduced me to chaffles and it is indeed life-changing! I haven't purchased a waffle iron (my partner made me promise i wouldn't buy another device). Anyway, i cook it on the pan and make them very flat and we now call them "cheese parathas" as they now replace naan/roti as we eat a lot of South Asian dishes.

  2. Love your channel! The cottage cheese chips are my favorite thing! I make them in a silicone muffin tin, as suggested by one of your commenters. They have a little lip on them so they can be used as a carrier for other delights, like Palmetto Cheese. I bake them at 60% power for 7 minutes, then at full power for 2-3 minutes, adding 30 second intervals until browned to my liking. My microwave is a full-sized, full power unit. They even keep overnight in an airtight container.

  3. I'm going to try the cottage cheese chips and add some powdered chicken stock….I know, I know, to Americans it sounds weird but in NZ chicken flavoured chips are the norm.
    The other thing I'm going to get around to trying is adjusting a sugar free creaming soda recipe I experimented with a few years ago.
    I used soda water and was so bitter I had to add WAY TOO MUCH sugar replacement, so I had a light bulb moment the other day and thought sparkling water would be much better. Basically the ingredients' are fizzy water, vanilla essence and sugar replacement.

  4. I'm not super Keto by any means but when I don't really want to "cook" dinner I make chaffles (with a lot of spices) and while I'm waiting on the next one I melt some garlic butter and slice a tomato & put Claussen pickles on it… lol it's really good! Love Y'all's videos….

  5. I've got to try sweetener with cukes! I've been using winter melon as a net zero fruit for mock apple and low carb jams since ChocZero used it in their first jam but it might even be better as a watermelon sub. Thanks so much! Love the cottage cheese chips.

  6. Have you ever experimented with Victoria's Keto Kitchen recipes? She has a 0 net carb flour she uses for all kinds of things. Maybe you could try some out and let us know what you think. Thanks!
    Love all your videos and have tried several of your recipes. You are my go to when looking for new things. Thank you both! ❤

  7. GREAT VIDEO! I love these quick simple ideas. Who knew cucumber and Allulose would make MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD??? WATERMELON. I’m trying this TONIGHT! 😋🤤 My Momma ate watermelon everyday during the summer when she was carrying me in 1948. Still loving it as my 75th birthday will be on the 16th. 😂🤣😂❤️🕊️