Under 30 Minute Vegan Meals for Spring | Tasty & Beginner Friendly!


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broccoli and apple salad //
asparagus mushroom tacos //
spicy cauliflower burgers //

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00:00 intro
00:55 broccoli and apple salad
05:07 asparagus mushroom tacos
09:01 spicy cauliflower burgers

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  1. Absolutely love the out takes at the end 🤣 Cauliflower is not my favourite – but you made them burgers look so good, I am definitely adding them to my meal plan to try – yum yum. That salad is also looking like a winner too. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication creating delicious food for us all to try. 😘 We have your mushrooms on toast every weekend – UNREAL!❤️

  2. I made the broccoli and apple salad for lunch today – delicious! But I added a couple of handfuls of black beans to make it a little more substantial. Even my wife liked it – though she picked out the olives and gave them to me. Happy with that! So glad I found your videos ……. it’s good finding someone English for a change cooking plant based (still love Americans, but they have odd combinations at times) and at least you say “coriander” not “cilantro” and you don’t use “cups” for measurements! Keep up the good work….. your presentation is excellent.

    Just a thought ….. for those of us who are trying to cut down on the oils for health reasons, do you have any oil free dressings?

  3. Everytime u make these videos I go and cook like crazy and be super healthy haha ( which ic a good thing ) I'm pregnant so I need to find takeaway food to do at home but with a healthy twist and this has hint the point going to make these soon as I can thx

  4. Wow! Amazing recipes, can't wait to try some! Just some constructive criticism though – the lighting in this video made it quite hard to watch. The harsh shadows on the left had me squinting. I realise you've just moved house and are still figuring out your set up, but I think a light in there would make all the difference, just something to think about. Fantastic shots of the food though! 🙂

  5. It’s so strange to me when I realized Europeans don’t tend to eat broccoli raw! I grew up in Canada and it’s so typical, but I’ve been converting all my friends over here to broccoli salad. My favourite is similar to yours, but I do kale and broccoli as the base, add some croutons, and a mayo/ACV dressing.

  6. Raw broccoli stem (and the core of any cabbage) is delicious in salads or just as a snack, just peel it 😊. As a kid I would run to the kitchen as soon as I could hear my mom chopping veggies and she would hand-over all these "crunchy vitamin C snacks" (quote). 💚

  7. Excellent spring recipes video Madeleine and the broccoli and apple salad and the cauliflower burgers sound tasty 😋. You and other vegan YouTubers prove that vegans don't just eat salad and that vegan food is more adventurous. Sending love ❤ ❤ to Madeleine and Alex. Have a good weekend and keep safe and well.