Ultra Simple KETO DIET Day of Eating | You Can Do It!


Ultra Simple KETO DIET Day of Eating | You Can Do It!
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  1. I just got into Thrive and many of the items are hit or miss. I tried the Kettle and Fire bone broth soups. Meh. The Thai was ok. But not the other flavors, not impressed. I just ordered the green curry cuz it was lowest in carbs of the three kinds. I ordered their tomato sauce. It's ok. I do kinda like the miracle ramen. Not too bad as shirataki noodles go. I am going to check out the Wagyu beef!

  2. Their child was sick and they contacted his dr. They did everything right for the world we live in now. Its a horrible idea to go to the ER! Its full of covid. They would have been there's hours just be given the same diagnosis. Instead they stayed calm in their home. He got to nap safely in his bed. He still got treatment and is on his way to recovery. Now… to answer the question we're all wondering… did he share that soup with mom?😄

  3. Great parenting and not freaking out! Kudos for staying out of the ER which is full of CoVid patients and insanity. Waiting 6 hrs in a waiting room compared to staying at home and listening to your Dr’s directions. 🌟🙌🏻👍🏻🙏🏻 love the part you shared about nursing him through it too! Theo is sure one blessed boy to have such an amazing Team of parents. 💥


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