Ultimate Keto Sansrival Cake Recipe


Sansrival is a Filipino classic – crispy, chewy, meringue layered with French buttercream and cashew nuts. Translates to, “without rival.” Aptly so, as this is hands down a crowd favorite.

The original recipe calls for a dacquoise, a meringue made with nuts that when cooked long and slow yields a crispy wafer. The keto version, however, will not have the same texture. Instead it’s more sponge-y. Sugar’s hygroscopic, or moisture absorbing, nature lends to the crunch that sweeteners obviously lack. Tradition calls for cashews, which is not bad, however we want as little carbs as possible hence the use of almonds.

Buttercream is essentially a frosting made from fat – aka butter and sugar. We are doing French Buttercream because of its silky texture, just downright melts in your mouth. This is achieved by heating sugar syrup until it reaches a soft ball stage (yes, you will need your candy thermometer!) then whipping it into pâte à bombe, a egg yolk and butter foam. Shiny and rich, gorgeously smooth – it is what sugar dreams are made of! Most sweeteners won’t cut it because they don’t really dissolve even when heated – we do have one option, allulose! It is not a sugar alcohol (see how it ends with -ose instead of -tol) therefore it will not be granular. Albeit some naysayers, allulose is a good sugar substitute. And, it is our best bet for keto French buttercream perfection.

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135 grams almond flour
79 grams roasted almonds, chopped
181 grams egg whites
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
200 grams alulose

161 grams allulose
59 grams water
98 grams egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

French Buttercream
330 grams cubed butter, softened
208 grams syrup

Nutrition Summary:
This makes a total of 12 servings of Sansrival. Each serving comes out to be 347.75 Calories, 33.58g Fats, 5.12g Net Carbs, and 6.96g Protein.

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  1. you should whip the egg yolks first and pour the syrup then let it cool down by mixing it continuously or put it in the refrigerator. Add the butter slowly and continue whipping the mixture. That is how you make sans rival buttercream icing.


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