Ultimate Keto Budget Plan | Grocery Haul + Full Day of Meals!


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Ultimate Keto Budget | Grocery Haul + Full Day of Meals!
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Ultimate Keto Budget | Grocery Haul + Full Day of Meals!
Ultimate Keto Budget | Grocery Haul + Full Day of Meals!

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  1. You just lost me. The most important element of the Keto diet is the low carb vegies. I've never seen ten pounds of ground beef. Anywhere, ever. Or the five pound. I went with the eggs at first, but I'm trying to improve the food I eat, so I'm paying a lot more for free-range (can't find pasture-raised in NY, at least not at Walmart). And I'm sure that ten pounds of ground burger is not organic. Eggs won't go bad in the fridge, I"ve kept them for months.

  2. bruh those eggs are spray painted white, and come from sick gmo'd chickens, as well as the yolks being pale yellow instead of dark yellow/orange. Bacon… bacon is terrible for you. Stores like Aldi often sell cage-free eggs for cheaper than walmart, and if it's something that you're eating every day, you should try to keep it healthy.

  3. This is still one of my favorite keto on a budget videos!… I used this 2 years ago when I first started I've been off and on since then and am at my end weight from last time I did keto (which was pretty strict ) but I still shop pretty much the same way

  4. I live in Denmark, pork capital of Europe, and it's really odd seeing bacon with other stuff in it (like sugar!). Even the cheapest bacon here only has meat, salt and preservatives/antioxidants.
    Also, great video – it's really helpful! I spend waaay too much money on keto, because I waste too much food and buy too expensive foods, because I have almost no imagination when it comes to cooking. xD

  5. Why the thumbnail says 3$ a day, if you go in the video for 5$ a day?! Also 5$ a day are in a 30day month 150$.

    150$ is not a budget at where I am living. 150$ is pretty much average to high. Are you living in California or how come 5$ a day per person is a low budget for you?! 😅

  6. I like that you actually eat your selections instead of keeping it theoretical. Eggs are cheap over there. Here an L-size egg costs €0.12 with a discount. Small eggs are not worth it. Pig's fat should be cheaper per energy unit than butter, and it can be used for frying eggs with the leftover protein cracklings. The life of butter in the fridge is around 3 months. Liver is filling, nutritious, quick to prepare, and costs only €2.50 per kg, half the price of meat. Its taste may be off-putting to some, but it's milder than fish or garlic.

    An easy meal with some vegetables is fried pork meat cooked about an hour in fermented sour cabbage (€1/kg) with a spoon of tomato paste for color and glutamate. Hardly any nutrition from the veg, but it's filling and easy to prepare in a large amount unattended, and can contain fat within it.