Types Of Soups/ Basic Of Soups/ Classification Of Soup/


A soup is a flavored and nutritious liquid food. As per Oxford dictionary soup is a ‘liquid dish, typically savory and made by boiling meat, fish or vegetables etc in stock or water.’ Generally served warm or hot. This is just a definition. There is no hard and fast rule for soup preparations. What matter most is the techniques, ingredients and of course the taste. Soups are divided into four different category: Thick soup, thin soup, International soups and cold soup. Thin soups: Passed or clear soups and Unpassed soups. Consomme, broths and bullions. Thick soup: Cream soups, Puree soups, Chowder soup, Volute soup, Bisque soup. International soups: Mulligatawny Soup, Minestrone Soup, Green turtle soup, Chicken Broth, Gazpacho soup etc. .