Type 2 Diabetes: Week 58 – What to do with Clothing that Doesn't Fit?


Type 2 Diabetes: Week 58 – What to do with Clothing that Doesn’t Fit?

I started Week 58 of Mounjaro and week six (the third time) at the 10mg dose.

Thank you!
Before reviewing this week’s update, I cannot say “thank you” enough for all of you being here and following this journey. I hope each of you are having success and celebrating each achievement. I genuinely appreciate you, your support, and your input and feedback.

Each day I am still amazed with Mounjaro. Since beginning this journey, I’ve lost more than 60 lbs., lowered my A1C, and my non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has been reversed.

Here’s this week’s summary:

I weigh 133 lbs. which means I didn’t lose any weight this week. I’ve lost more than 60 lbs. since beginning in June 2022. (I started at 197) But, I like to be on the conservative side and say I’ve lost more than 50 lbs.

Walking my dog, some PiYo and kayaking on Saturday.

My numbers were in the 80s and 90s.

I had a blood draw on July 28 and my A1C is now 5.4!!!!! What?!?!? In March 2023 it was 6.1, in May 2022 it was 8.2

I still take 1,000 mg of Metformin twice a day.

Being mindful and eating more whole vs. processed foods. Making a batch of yogurt tonight. Yum!

I have a CT Scan scheduled to determine my coronary artery calcium score. Stay tuned!


Thanks for watching and stay healthy!

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

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The Lilly number for questions, including questions about the coupon: 1-800-545-5979

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Disclaimer: The following video reflects my own opinions and my personal experiences. I am not a medical provider. If you have questions about your health, please check with your medical provider.

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  1. You may be interested in how fast Mounjaro sales have been growing. This helps to explain why there have been some shortages, and why there will probably continue to be some shortages.

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  2. Looking good girl 😊
    I skipped one week injection to see if my G I would calm down after two days into the injection. Am on 5 mg so I waited a week but had G I issues 4 days later . So I’ll skip next week also . Sorry to go on and on . I’ll keep you posted . I am down from 305 to 264 with an A1C of 5.3 so am happy for that . Well enjoy your time .

  3. I need to go through my clothes and give away the clothes that are too big. I’ve bought some inexpensive clothing to get by until I feel more comfortable on spending more on clothes in this size. I too battle with the thoughts of what if I gain it back. But I’m working on that because if I continue to incorporate healthy habits this will be my norm moving forward. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Yes diabetic for life, unfortunately, but not allowing diabetes to control my life with the damaging effects it can have on my body. MJ and the healthy habits that we have in place will prevent that from happening. Thanks for your inspiration!!❤❤❤

  4. love the shout out to your hometown. I noticed the pendent on your necklace. Your videos are wonderful to watch. Thank you. I do donate old clothes. I too was thinking I might need them again when I am off mounjaro but I decided that thinking that way wasn't helping me. I thought of that as predicting failure, so I got rid of the size 20 and xxl clothes.

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Love your videos! I moved up to 10 mg . This is my 5th dosage of it…I am starting to move down in weight now. It’s funny the less exercise I do, the more weight comes off…lol. I received a response on Facebook from another lady on Mounjaro and she said, let the medicine do it’s job…so I am and losing more weight.
    As far as clothes, I have not parted with them yet. I still have to go through my closet and see what doesn’t fit (probably most of it) I will ask family and friends if they want any and if not donate it to a charity like Women in Distress.
    I loved that dress you bought…it looks awesome on you!
    I get my blood drawn this month and talk to the doctor too…I hope it is goes well!
    Can’t wait for next weeks video! Have a great week!

  6. You're doing amazing things, Jennifer! I applaud your health journey and the results you're getting. 👏 Even though I've lost more than 40 lbs, I have been wearing my too-big clothes. They hang like sacks on me. My pants slide down my hips. Slowly and carefully, I'm buying new pieces and putting the worst of my old clothes in a stack deep in my closet. When I have enough, I'll take them to Goodwill (which is our only option out here). Like you, I'm hesitant to actually part with them. Many failed diets have forced me to buy new wardrobes after giving my stuff away. But I expect to be on something like Mounjaro for life — as you point out, once a diabetic, always a diabetic, even when your A1c is normal. It doesn't stay that way without help. You picked a good topic for this episode. Wishing you a great week ahead! ❤

  7. Total cholesterol isn’t as important as the HDL to LDL ratio. I have had the the coronary artery calcium scan. My score was 0 but my husbands was pretty high. So it was recommended he go to a cardiologist. He has no symptoms but he has had high cholesterol and high blood pressure most of his life. So it’s good for him to get to that kind of doctor. It is a risk indicator but not a definitive diagnosis of heart disease. . I feel confident you will keep the weight off. I would suggest you keep one or two pieces of clothing in the larger sizes just in case if you feel you need to. But I think totally letting go of those large sizes is saying bye bye to that level of obesity and don’t come back. Adios amigo! Just several things in the size just above where you are now. Only the most favorite things. That seems practical. But get rid of all the rest. Maybe sell what you think are actually valuable pieces. If you think you can get money that would make the time and effort worth it. But I donated to woman shelters. Then I felt like I was really helping people that needed it. Put it out in the universe to help people. Let it go. Oh and that dress…girl that is something. You look awesome.

  8. I haven’t lost all the weight I need to but enough to fit in some of my smaller clothes. I have been building a larger wardrobe that no longer fits, yeah! But that means I have lot of newer clothes and I hate to get rid of them. I am going to attempt to cut them down to fit me when I get to my goal weight. I love to sew but not sure about altering ready made clothing. Are I honestly think I can cut out new blouses from the blouses. I also bet I want new clothes so there is that😂 thanks for supporting me!