TURMERIC CHICKEN AND RICE CASSEROLE | easy & healthy dinner recipe


A chicken and rice casserole with a healthy, turmeric twist! It’s just what you need for an all-in-one easy dinner that’s got a ton of comforting flavors. A win all around!

It’s the perfect weeknight dinner idea that nestles whole chicken breasts into the most vibrant golden rice that’s infused with warm and earthy flavors (plus some sneaky grated carrot for a veggie boost). The casserole recipe bakes everything together in the oven, and when it’s done, you simply have to fluff the rice, scoop out a chicken breast and serve it up! It’s easy and super delicious with curry-like flavors.

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Preheat the oven and prep the ingredients
02:49 Saute the onion, garlic, and spices
03:36 Add the coconut milk
04:04 Pour the onion mixture into the casserole dish and stir with the remaining ingredients
04:36 Add the chicken breasts and bake in the oven
05:38 Fluff the rice before serving and add chopped cilantro
06:51 Taste test

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  1. This is going on the weekend menu for sure. Do you think I would need to adjust anything if I just wanted to make the rice, without the chicken? Or can I just throw it in the oven, or on top of stove, as is with the ingredient list that you used? I'm thinking a nice big batch of the rice to prep for the week for lunches. Thanks!

  2. This looks great. I am retired but my wife still works so dinner is on me. I enjoy cooking but I struggle to come up with new things to cook. This looks like a home run. I will make it tonight. Your channel has really helped me. My wife likes how I have stepped up my my game. Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks for this recipe, the timing is perfect! 😁 By the way, do you think I could make it in slow cooker? I like the texture of the chicken from slow cooker but I'm not sure if the instructions would remain the same and of course not sure how long should I cook it.

  4. grating carrot to sneak in those veggies. 😂 i don’t like cooked carrots but will tolerate them in dishes especially if i can’t pick them out. i’ve been putting carrots into my daily smoothies since i can’t taste them or notice them in it. this dish sounds yummy and healthy.

  5. Thank you! For your recipes, the time you put into your channel as it is steadily helping to make me and my family healthier! My husband has been bragging about all the wonderful meals I'm making him and my kids are eating healthier because your recipes not only taste great they are easy to make for a mom that works full time during the week. Just wanted to tell you I greatly appreciate it! Excited about the cook book! Will it be available in print?

  6. Hi Lisa!! Quick question – I have fresh turmeric and ginger on hand, both new to me, so I'm not sure how much I would need to use to equal the amounts of the powdered versions in this recipe. Any advice? Thanks so much, and thank you for another delicious recipe! I am so excited about the new cookbook. I don't purchase cookbooks since recipes are pretty easy to find online, but I am DEFINITELY purchasing yours. Can't wait!