Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Yaprak Sarma / Dolma – Vegan Recipe


We are making one of the traditional and popular appetizer olive oil dish “Yaprak Sarması” This vegan recipe comes back from Ottoman Cuisine.
“Yaprak” means leaves and “sarma” means to wrap. The most common leaf we use is a grapevine leaf and I am going to use the ones I preserved back in the early summer. You can watch the details from the episode I shared on how to preserve it but you can also easily find it canned in Turkish, middle eastern, or Mediterranian stores.
Here is the written recipe for the Sarma:
If you want to contribute to my website you are more than welcome. You can help me write down the old recipe from the channel. Please contact me from nuraltan @ gmail.com for it 🙂
In this version to give an extra sweet and sour taste, I am going to use cherries as well but even with or without cherries it will be surely a centerpiece on the table
Ingredients For Turkish Yaprak Sarma/Dolma:
2 big onions
1/3 cup olive oil
1 cup good quality rice
about 2 tbsp pine nuts (It is used traditionally, I didn’t have on hand)
1 tsp each salt, sugar, allspice, black pepper
1+1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 heaped tbsp currants
1/2 bunch fresh dill
about 300gr. more or less grape leaves washed a couple of times until most of the salt is gone, you can chew some to taste the salt 🙂 (If you buy preserved you can keep the rest in its salty water or freeze it.)
about a cup fresh or frozen pitted cherries (optional)
for the cooking sauce:
juice of a half lemon
about 1/3 cup mineral / sparkling water
about half cup hot water (cook the grape sarma/dolmas on low heat, let it soak the water, and cook in the steam. Don’t add much water to it. Taste the sarmas and drizzle more water if needed and continue to cook until it is soft)
more olive oil on top
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  1. In my place, we wrap “Dolma” with cabbages. And we also call it Dolma. I bought “ Dolma” in Whole Foods last time, and I found out several frozen Turkish foods in Trader Joe’s too. But I know it might not be as good as you made, so I want to try by myself. Thank you for sharing, that looks so delicious 😋

  2. Hello there hope you doing great. as you knew the Turkish drama is very popular in Pakistan especially Ertugrul Ghazi breaks all records too much famous here, I am giving you a suggestion if you like to make some food recipe which is shown in the drama family sit down and eat together its looks really delicious but we don't know what is this some kind of rice or bbq. hope you like that 🙂


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