TURKEY CHILI | healthy, comforting, and wildly flavorful!


This turkey chili recipe satisfies your cold-weather cravings in one big pot. It’s comforting, flavorful, and all sorts-of-healthy thanks to ground turkey, kidney beans, and loads of veggies.

A pot of turkey chili is simply good for the soul. It’s also super easy to make (hello one pot meal!), budget-friendly, and perfect for meal prep – so make a batch for the week!

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Dice the veggies
03:12 Drain the beans
03:47 Make the turkey chili on the stove
06:10 Meal prep and store turkey chili
06:55 Serve it up and garnish
07:29 Taste test

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  1. I made it yesterday! I didn't have green jalapens, so used pickled. But I was afraid to make it too spicy, so added just few pieces. Just eated it for lunch at work and it was deliciuos!❤️ My colleague was standing near my table and said that the smell was wonderful😁

  2. I'm making this for dinner tonight! Looks delish. I was wondering if you would ever consider doing an updated autoimmune journey video? Recently got diagnosed with Hashimotos and now anticipating another diagnosis. I'm just struggling with coming to terms with all of this and would love to know how you're doing with remission, flares and the mental health aspect of chronic illness?
    Love from a fellow kiwi xx

  3. Sounds yummy… I will be making this tonight. But, chili with no chili powder? I do not use commercially prepared "chili powder" which is usually a combination of dried red chiles of one sort or another plus cumin and often other spices thrown in. I use Hatch pure chili powder so that I can control the impact of garlic, cumin, oregano, etc. Trader Joe's even carries dried Hatch chili flakes, which are an excellent way to add deep chili flavor to any dish. For heat, I use cayenne pepper, but I'm not sure this recipe would benefit from that, turkey being what it is. I like the idea of red or orange mild peppers plus the jalapeño. Perfect. ( though I never use jalapeño in my beef-based chili recipe. )

  4. Aaahhh! So I was supposed to put the onion in the freezer (not the fridge) for 15 minutes. No wonder it didn't help much. I had 6 large onions to chop today, too bad I got that part wrong.
    A zester is an ideal way to turn garlic into a pulp if one doesn't have a garlic press.
    It also means for very even garlic flavor and no sudden bite of it.
    Ricotta is also a good topping. 😋

  5. Just received your cookbook and had to write a note to rave about it. I absolutely love it! First of all, it is beautiful. Cookbooks for me must have photos. You did not disappoint, and the photos are composed so artistically, which I appreciate. But most of all, the recipes sound so delicious. I am slowly paging through it and making a list of the recipes I want to make right away. Oftentimes, by year's end, I have overindulged and consumed too much sugar and unhealthy foods. I was looking forward to your cookbook, as I know your recipes would inspire me – and they absolutely have. Reading the introduction was informative, interesting, and very useful. You make cooking seem doable. This turkey chili is cooking on the stove as I write this, and the kitchen smells divine. Thank you Lisa for a fabulous cookbook.

  6. Hi Lisa, I found your channel in the past year and am loving all of your recipes! I made your stuffed pepper soup and it was a huge hit with my husband and my parents! I have recommended you to clients I work with that want to eat healthier (I am a therapist) and they have loved your recipes too. This turkey chili looks delicious and I will definitely make it this week. Thank you!

  7. Another great recipe, as always. I love your cookbook! I got it as a Christmas gift and every recipe I've tried so far has been great. One question – the glass containers you use in this video for storage – do those work better for freezer storage than the Glasslock containers?