Trying Viral Keto Cereal Recipes You Can Make at Home!


Sarah and I have come across a couple cereal recipes that we wanted to try for all of you! We had fun making this video and thank all of you for watching our videos!

Pancake Cereal Tiktok:
Cut Da Carb Cereal Post:

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Highkey Pancake Mix is unavailable on Amazon at the moment, we have tried this pancake mix as well and its also good:
Honey Dispenser we used (keep an eye out for a sale on this one):

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  1. You just need an itty bitty pancake turner like in kiddie's baking sets. Ha! Just got done making a bunch of your improved chaffles since I got my big girl chaffle maker. Yours is the bomb. Thanks so much. Oh, as a hint – my husband is diabetic and we have been using Magic Spoon cereal for about a year and it is really good. Especially the Peanut Butter.

  2. Nice! I found a vintage "Honey~Bee" (original) at a thrift store a couple years ago for $.25 cents~ now I might pull it out of my inventory & use the cuteness =)

    *Speaking of cereal- & discount stores- we have a local discount grocery that had a bunch of the "SOLA" brand of Vanilla Almond Granola cereal for a great price! I added some low carb homemade oat flake cereal to it, tastes just like "Honey Bunches of Oats"~ actually, even better. Definitely an occasional treat food, as it does use up all the carbs I personally want to consume in a day~ mostly because I need at least one cup of it to feel like I had a cereal meal.
    Anyhow, just wanted to give an upvote for the SOLA cereal, if anybody is curious =)