Trying a New Diet After 5 Years…


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  1. Good to see you all are doing better health wise. Also thanks for the honesty.
    With that being said I appreciate all the recipes and advice, you have given over these years with the keto lifestyle, but with the new direction of the channel I will be saying goodbye. Thanks again!

  2. I missed you guys so much my gosh the boys are so big and adorable. I am glad you are doing better Megha I have a chronic illness diagnosed at 20 and I'm 51 now it has been a long hard road those who aren't chronically ill really have no grasp how many challenges we have physically mentally emotionally I fought everyday to do as much as I could when my boys were younger they are in their 20s now and help care for me as I am on oxygen and use a wheelchair. I carried guilt anger and sadness when I was younger about the cards I was dealt and the chronic pain was so debilitating. Once I really decided to face it head on and kind of mourned the disease free life I was never going to have and embrace each days new normal with a champion spirit that was really the turning point for me in mentally freeing myself and my focus on living it the very best I was able each day. Wishing you guys all the very best looking forward to seeing more of you 💓

  3. I really missed your videos, and I am so glad to hear Megha is doing better! Coincidently, I also dabbled into a higher carb diet last year, with whole foods, and although it was surely tasty I had to let go of it as I started feeling brain-foggy and just more inflammed. Now I carb cycle according to my menstrual cycle, and I feel like it is working 🙂

  4. So glad to have you back guys😀I have tried Ray approach while back and I have to say that sadly it did not work for me. I was hungry,tired all the time ,my blood sugar was all over and I have gained 10 kg in space of 3 months. Having said that everyone is different so hopefully it will work for you.🥰

  5. Just one thing. There is nothing natural in modern fruits, vegetables or grains. Check out how their natural counterparts look like. I'd say that even meat nowsdays is not really natural, devoid of many things and with broken ratios (for example, grains fed beef omega6 to omega3). One question: what is your goal of changing your diet?

  6. Welcome back friends. Happy New Year.
    Megha continued prayers for your healing and improving health. Matt!!! Dad of the year! You’ve done amazingly taking the family reins and talking care of your beautiful boys and wife.
    Speaking of the boys…Wowzers! So handsome and so grown up already. Like where does the time go?
    I hope that 2023 has great positive things in store for the two of you. We will be right here anxiously waiting for what’s next! Lol…no pressure.
    Truly greatful and happy to see you again.
    Sending positivity and best wishes out to you both and your littles. ❤

  7. Don't feel bad falling off the keto wagon everybody does it me and my son did it I mean it's inevitable at some point you're going to go back to way you ate somewhat but it's all about balance you can't do one extreme or the other the body needs to be in balance and needs to be in homeostasis just remember that and you don't need to do diets you just need to do what's best for your body listen to your body and do what's healthy we know no sugars limit artificial sweeteners be careful with drinking cow's milk look into it because farmers are now using the covid vaccine on some of their dairy cows so you might want to get local milk or organic I would just be real careful

    Also it's hard to do these diets when you got kids running around and you're tired and you're just trying to Wrangle them all the time it's easy when it's just the two of you
    I won't drink juice but I like bubbly soda water