Trying 3 Vegan Dishes From 3 Countries


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This is the first vegan foods episode. The second episode has Nigeria, Italy and Algeria and will be out soon!

The artist today is Claudia Melchor:

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Thank you to Sylvia, Nicolas and Charbel for sharing their foods with us today!

Hong Kong Pumpkin Dish: Steam squash/pumpkin. Add the black bean and garlic sauce. Enjoy!
Peruvian Mushroom Ceviche:
1 sweet potato, 250 grams of mushrooms, one red onion, 1/2 teaspoon of Limo hot pepper paste or fresh, 1 teaspoon chopped cilantro, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, a pinch of pepper, 1 garlic clove, the juice of four big limes. Optional: a pinch of MSG.

You peel and boil the sweet potato, then cut it in slices and let cool. You chop the onions in julienne/plume and put aside on water with ice to keep fresh and crunchy. You crush and finely chop the garlic clove and you mix it with the lime juice, the hot pepper paste, salt, pepper and MSG and set aside. You slice the mushrooms and put in a bowl and add in the onions, the juice that was set aside, the cilantro and you stir in the mix. Serve fresh and cold in a bowl, with some sweet potato on the side.

Lebanese Dandelion Greens:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Artist Claudia Melchor
01:04 豆豉炒南瓜 (Cantonese Pumpkin)
02:45 Trying 豆豉炒南瓜 (Cantonese Pumpkin)
04:42 Vessi Sponsorship
05:42 Peruvian Cebiche de Champinones (Mushroom Ceviche)
07:19 Trying Peruvian Cebiche de Champinones (Mushroom Ceviche)
09:12 Lebanese Hindbeh b’Zeit (Dandelion Greens)
10:51 Trying Lebanese Hindbeh b’Zeit (Dandelion Greens)
13:20 Potato Dishes for Future Episode Call Out!
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  1. I have made that pumpkin dish once a week since discovering the recipe here. I love it so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It looks so beautiful when plated. It’s like fine dining! I can’t stop telling everyone about it!

  2. No hate, I just find this idea that vegan food is "pretending to be something else" to be a weird double standard. Omnivores make meat into all different shapes and cover it in spices and seasonings that come from plants to make it taste COMPLETELY different from what it did. That isn't pretending. So how is it pretending when it's done with soy? Like I said, I just think it's a little bit of a weird way to think.

    Omnivores don't like to eat plain boiled chicken, they cover it in plants and change the texture completely with different cooking methods. Veganism just does the same thing with things like beans and peas. I found that changing my thinking in this way really opened up my creativity with cooking and made plant based eating seem so much more similar to what I had already been doing.

    I love your channel and I find it so lovely that you took the time to showcase the vegan dishes of other cultures. Beautifully done and from the perspective of people who are actually part of those cultures, thank you.

  3. Glad you made a vegan episode! Hope to see more in the future. 😊
    If it's not too late for potato recipes: you should look up 'Thüringer Klöße'! They are a form of potato dumplings that are partly made with raw potato and partly with cooked ones and are a local specialty from the region of Thuringia in Germany. I would say, though, that they get eaten all over Germany (in varied versions). You typically eat them as a side dish for a roast, alongside with cooked sauerkraut or red cabbage. There is even a (kinda) famous song about 'Thüringer Klöße' by Fritz, you should look that one up, too, haha.

  4. there are so many potato dishes in Japan, but the most simple and favorite winter street food is Ishiyaki Imo (石焼き芋). Or baked sweet potato. Normally it’s baked on a hot stone/ fireplace but you can easily cook it in the oven. Although it take s about 2hours to cook. I dunno if you could buy it in the US but the beniharuka potatoes or annon imo potatoes are extremely creamy and sweet!!

  5. For potatoes, Lithuanian cepelinai (zeppelins) but you can also make bulviniai blynai (potato pancakes) from the same starting point. They can be a bit challenging, esp getting them to not be black by the time you're ready to cook them. Let me know, I can walk you through it. Oh, and I can also give you a way to eat them the next day.

  6. If you're doing a potato episode, you HAVE to include boxty from Ireland – like a potato pancake that you can pair with a huge number of different flilings. There are different versions of it, but it's one thing I crave a few times a year and definitely every time I'm over in Ireland (I live in Scotland). Let me know if you'd like the recipe. 🙂