Tribal People Try American Soups For the First Time


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  1. I find it extremely sad that a religion can separate someone from such great food. If allahu akbar then every creature he/she made is good, right. It just doesn't make sense. Merry Christmas to everyone whether they celebrate it or not and may everyone have a safe, joyful and prosperous new year.

  2. I love this channel, but please could you feature the foods of other countries a bit more? It's very American centred. Especially for soups, as Manzoor and Mehboob said they really like eating soup, there are a lot of countries that soup features a lot in their day to day eating. I'm half Portuguese and soup is a big thing in Portugal, would love to see them eating some european soups, they would probably enjoy them more (no offence Americans! 😉)

  3. You want to give them the best soup? Give them sanchoco "thick soup" make sure you pick the hala looking ones because some version don't have hala ingredients at all mixed with hala ones. It's very difficult to make but it's so good. You make white rice on the side dish with optional lemon line and hot sauce. If you know someone who can make it correctly let him or her do it. Google the recipe and how good it looks. I'm telling you this soup beats all cold weathers like its its nothing.

  4. Chicken soup is popular in America. We actually do make it more in winter, when people are sick as it soothes the throat, has vitamins, and can warm you up. I also enjoy a good beef chili with red kidney beans and onion, tomato soup, pea soup, beef stew. I never eat gumbo, that's more of a southern dish. Some of these soup recipes didn't look like they were made properly also. I recommend beef chili with kidney bean and onions with chili powder spices and tomato sauce. I also like white chili with chicken. Both are good winter soups.

  5. Why would you ever give them food they can't eat? The elder gentleman hardly ever eats anything, it's like he doesn't trust the food. Can't you show him how it's cooked so at least he sees it's OK to TRY it. Why do they keep saying the cheese is sour, that type of cheese are you using? Americans DON'T eat chicken noodle soup with chopsticks. Trying to get them to want to TRY food items they need to be appetizing & look & smell good not seafood & meat smells like dumpster stew, at least the few I've tried.
    The other soups looked good but you should have all the side items to dress the soups like assorted crackers, shredded cheese, herbs, sour cream, salt & pepper, banana peppers, etc… they might like it better. Explain the different soups & why we dip the sandwich in the tomato soup. We do that with tuna sandwiches dipped in tomato soup also. Or find extra people that can eat whatever you give them. Some seem to not like the food but still say VIP BRO , VERY GOOD. If they dislike it they should say so. 👃🦐🌭🧅🧄🦨🗑🥣🤢😖👍👎

  6. Every video with this guy. He took a bite of grilled cheese that was smaller than a mouse would take. Old dude said he would have gulped it down if it didnt have broiler chicken. even if it didnt have broiler chicken his “i dont eat kids food” a$$ wouldnt have gulped it down if someone was holding a gun to his head. There is nothing that old dude likes but his own local food. Why does he come then? The soup is for sick ppl only. Ha. IMO he will never give a honest opinion of the food. The new food to him is for kids and beneath him to eat. I think their culture is governed around do whatever the elders say, and the others who give the food a chance and like some of it without his permission irks him. him being an elder has gone to his head. Or not. Maybe he just doesnt like foods that 99.99999% of ppl in the world love. Who in this world doesnt like chicken soup?

  7. Tbh I think they all looked nasty exspect the tomatoe one I don't mean to be not nice but they did not look as I am used to making I make all my soup and broth from scratch so im picky I feel Campbell's homestyle or chunky would of been better for them to try cuz if ur not good at homemade thats fine they do have pretty good canned soup that's better than not good himemade..but im sure the person who made them truly tried their best and im sry

  8. I've been sick, so I made a big batch of homemade chicken soup with lots of kale and carrots, some onion, celery, parsley. Delicious, soothing, and healthy. It made me happy to see them enjoying chicken soup especially Mama! (He's right though, the actual chicken is usually not very good by the time the soup is done.)

  9. No offence to America but I'm saying the truth .I'm fed up with American pride..and and my country being their neighbors and considering how I was treated when I visited there so excited on my first visit . I met nothing but arrogant pride and condescension to me as a Canadian. They know only about themselves and I'm sick of it. And you guys buy into it because they're a rich country…. I'm deleting my subscription to you guys. Your worshiping a false God. They're arrogant and full of themselves and treating thier allies horrible..and are completely ignorant of any other country but themselves