This is the best vegan kimbap recipe (비건 김밥) with a variety of traditional filling ingredients.

Here is the full written recipe:

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  1. Atulya I love everything about you. Seeing you here for the first time I want to say YOU ARE SOOOOOO GORGEOUS. Your Channel is def. waaaay toooo underrated. You explain the recipe so well. I am so fangirling right now about you. Thank you for this beautiful Vegan Kimbap Recipe. I became vegan 3 years before.. and my life right now in a nutshell is veganism and K-Culture. I love the lovely people – Koreans have so much love to give, you are so kind and bighearted.

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful experience.

    Sub and Greetings from Germany

    PS: I enjoyed the most hearing you speaking korean.

  2. I can't find a source for burdock. I thought I bought it at supermarket in Chinatown in Philadelphia, but it turned out to be weird slimy tuber called Lixian Ma Shan Yao. Do you know of a substitute that would have the same texture, that is native to the US? I drank plenty of burdock tea during my cycling trip from Seoul to Busan, it is very good, wish I could find it.

  3. Korean pickled radish is spelled
    Danmuji ! Made from korean Mu (무) ! Japanese make a sweeter version of korean Danmuji
    Many/ most japanese food/dishes are similar to korean food because food culture people came and through korea !
    Japan is an island ! Common sense ! Ancient koreans became japanese !🖖🇰🇷🎎

  4. You are the best !
    Thank you for using/teaching
    Korean words/terms for korean food ! Nice job on the dubu= soy bean curd .
    Korean Pyogo beoseot (mushroom) = in english black forest mushroom
    shiitaki is japanese term
    Korean Danganjang sauce
    In english sweet soy sauce
    In japanese teriyaki sauce
    Good luck ! 🖖🇰🇷🎎