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Are you struggling to keep your energy up during gym and times of high physical activity? Perhaps your iron levels are not high enough to keep you going. As matter of fact ,women require 10 to 15 mg of iron per day to help their system. When your iron levels are lower than that, tiredness, cold fatigue, and muscle weakness will start to show especially during exercise.

In this video we’ll highlight all the basics you need to know about iron deficiency, what is the connection between iron and weight loss programs and the top iron rich foods, for meat eaters as well as vegetarians.

So what exactly is iron? Iron is a mineral that we need in small amounts in our systems to support many bodily functions. Iron is a precursor of hemoglobin, which a protein that carries oxygen in our blood cells. When you are not getting enough Iron from your diet, your body won’t be able to produce the amount of red blood cells your body needs and you will end up with iron deficiency anemia and many different symptoms that come with it.

These include fatigue, decreased appetite, sores around your mouth, skin paleness, and even trouble swallowing chewed food. Some people may even develop weird cravings like chewing ice or metals, because of that, a condition also known as “pica”.

Those who are on a strict diet and exercise program are at a high risk of developing iron deficiency because they are either not consuming enough foods that contain iron in consistent bases, or they flush out the mineral through their sweat.

Of course the best way to counteract this is to eat foods high in iron on a regular basis. If you are a meat eater,Fish Paste, Liver, Kidney, Venizon, Boiled Mussels, Liver Pate, Liver Sausage, Goose, Pheasant Shrimp, Sardines canned, Anchovies canned, Whitebait, Lean Beef, Egg Yolk, contain the highest amounts of iron.

In case you are vegetarian or vegan, you can take some iron from spinach, kale, wheatgerm, seaweed, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, lentils, soya beans, almonds, oats, rosemary, thyme, whole wheat flour products and dried figs or raisins.

So how much should you consume every day?

Experts agree that the average daily amount has to be 10 mg for men and 10-15 mg for women, because many of that iron is lost during period cycles, Pregnant women should actually double their daily iron consumption as the fetus of the baby develops and consume close to 30 mg per day.

So if you don’t consume enough iron daily, I encourage you to start from today, taking into account the info i mentioned on this video on what and how much iron you should consume daily.

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