Top Five Instant Pot Soup Recipes | Step-by-Step Instant Pot Recipe


For Instant Pot recipes every week please subscribe to my channel: Today I’m going to be sharing with your 5 different Instant Pot soup recipes. They are Instant Pot loaded baked potato soup, Instant Pot chicken gnocchi soup, Instant Pot pasta fagioli soup, Instant Pot tomato tortellini soup and Instant Pot broccoli cheddar soup. These Instant Pot soup recipes are perfect for chilly fall evenings. They will serve a crowd and taste great with crusty bread or breadsticks. If you’d like to get the printable version of these recipes I’ve added the links below. MORE than 20 INSTANT POT SOUP Recipes: Instant Pot Loaded Baked Potato Soup: Instant Pot Chicken Gnocchi Soup: Instant Pot Pasta Fagioli Soup: Instant Pot Tomato Tortellini Soup: Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar BESTp: Other Instant Pot recipe videos: 8 of the THINGS to make in the Instant Pot: Top Ten Instant Pot FALL Soup Recipes: HOT AND SOUR SOUP in the Instant Pot: 365 Days Facebook group: #instantpot #soup # 365daysinstantpot





  1. I make a version of Olive Garden’s Minestrone soup similar to yours. I use browned mild Italian sausage which really adds a nice flavor. I usually de-fat the sausage in a colander by running very hot water over it rinsing off the access fat. But doing this does reduce some flavor. I use diced onion and celery. I used no salt canned petite diced tomatoes and low sodium V8 (We have HBP) I use one can each of drained and rinsed dark and white beans. Either black or kidney and northern or navy. And one can drained Italian green beans. I add Italian seasoning and garlic powder to get back the spices rinsed off the sausage. But if you want the very best herb flavor I recommend FRESH herbs. Dried herbs are almost flavorless in comparison and any nutritional value they have is processed out. So FRESH Oregano, parsley, garlic, basil is best for their flavor and vitamins. But alas I am lazy so I do not use fresh nearly enough. I do what you do and cook my pasta and add it in a serving at a time. If you put it in the soup it will over cook. It can even cook in and all but disappear if you reheat it several times. Only reheat what you will eat. (I also have type 2 diabetes so my grain carbs need to be very rationed so I can add as little pasta as I want and my husband can pile it in.). If green beans look fresh I recommend using fresh ones cut into half inch pieces. I LOVE GOOD FRESH GREEN BEANS! I hate them when they get fiber and woody….yuck. They do not have to be Italian green beans. We rinse off anything canned in salt water if I did not buy them salt free. I think the Italian sausage makes this soup fantastic. The first time I made it I made vegetarian. It was just ok. We add grated Parmesan cheese which has a salty flavor. For more flavor I added salty foods like bacon instead of added table salt.

    But I admit the pandemic has me craving sweets and salty things. And I have been caving in more and more. I even bought SALT and been adding what I hope is a little and reasonable amount to really bland foods like potatoes or eggs. I found some high protein and high fiber cookies at a vitamin shop only sweetened with stevia. I try and limit myself to one cookie a day. Sigh…… it is HARD! Especially when my husband bakes regular cookies. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    After watching some of your videos I have added a silicone steam basket and trivet sling thingy to my amazon shopping cart.

    I have been binge watching your videos. I am brand new to the INSTANT POT craze. Only used it twice so far. A beef pot roast and teriyaki chicken with VEGETABLES.

    I am planning on buying one for my sister after Black Friday. Hoping they go on sale. The one I bought went up ten dollars in the 7 -10 days since I bought it.

    I am thinking of getting the air fry lid attachment. My husband loves his chicken wings. So bad for him. Sorry I verbosely texting. I blame COVID-19 and being home bound so much for so long. We are high risk. 61/58 HBP, type 2 and unhealthy BMI. So we STAY HOME.

    I subscribed.

  2. I can't wait to try some of those soups! They look delicious. I love your tip about keeping the pasta separate till you want a bowl of soup. (Just a safety tip: if you put a rubber mat under that cutting board it won't squiggle around on you when you're wielding that sharp knife.)


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