Top 5 Most Popular Candy Recipes (Sugar-Free Version) | LOW CARB & SUGAR FREE HALLOWEEN TREATS


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Halloween is without a doubt one of the most popular holidays. The costumes, the parties, and of course the sweet treats make Halloween a favorite holiday for most children and actually many adults. But for people that have diabetes, especially children with type 1 diabetes, Halloween can be difficult.

So….what can we do?

Simple solution! Switch to a healthy sweetener that can be life-changing for these kids!

Join us and make this Halloween different for children with type 1 diabetes with a BochaSweet Candy Package Giveaway. 

If you know a child with type 1 diabetes, now you don’t have to hand them a sugary treat, instead, you can hand them a package of these diabetic-friendly sweet treats.

If you want to participate in getting these diabetic-friendly treats to a child with type-1 diabetes. Simply go to to learn more.

Please share this video or tag someone you know that is either diabetic or has a child with type 1 diabetes. So, that we together can bring a healthy smile to the faces of as many type 1 diabetic children as we can possibly serve during this holiday season!

For those of you that prefer to make the candy yourself, I’m going to teach you in this video how to make sugar-free alternatives to these Five Popular Candies using BochaSweet sugar replacement.

We will be making …..

Peanut Butter Cups
Almond Joy
Crunch Bars
Gummy Bears
Goobers & Raisinets.

Let’s get started!

Learn more about the BochaSweet Candy Package Giveaway here:

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