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  1. I'm not a real big soup fan because I didn't grow up eating soup other than my mom would occasionally use leftover mashed potatoes to make potato soup and we would often have it on Fridays during Lent. There is a local restaurant here where I live that makes the best potato soup I've ever tasted and your recipe seems somewhat similar to it other than the fact that they actually use baby potatoes not hash browns but I've always tried to figure out how they make the thickening for it cuz it does have a tank to it and I'm wondering if they use the cream cheese like you're doing. I'll have to give that a try. They also put bacon, cheese and scallions in it and on it and it is absolutely delicious so I'm going to give you a recipe a try. I also like the look of that lasagna soup because I love Italian food and lasagna is one of my favorite dishes but it is a lot of work to make. I wonder if it would be easier if you use the little mini lasagna noodles as the pasta in it and then you wouldn't have to break up the heavier large full-size lasagna noodles that perhaps would maybe take a bit longer to cook because they're a bit thicker. I'm sure like you said you could use pretty much any kind of pasta or lasagna noodle you'd like in it and it would taste delicious. I'm not a real fan of spicy Mexican so I'm not sure if the tortilla soup would be something I would really like but I've seen a lot of people bring a tortilla soup or a white chicken chili to get together so I know they're quite popular and yours did look good. My mom would always use those loaves of frozen bread dough to make homemade cinnamon rolls. She would let the dough thaw and she would roll out the loaf to be about maybe a quarter of an inch thick and then she would just start putting all of the butter and cinnamon and sugar and brown sugar and nuts in there and roll them all up and cut them and put them in a greased pan and then let them rise overnight and bake them in the morning and boy were they good! So that might be something else you might want to use some of that frozen bread dough for now. Just a thought. I will definitely check out your bread making video because I've been wanting to try to make homemade bread myself but I'm nervous of yeast and I don't know why I know it's been around forever and it shouldn't be that difficult so it's probably one of those things that I just have never done it so I'm reluctant to try it. Thanks so much for sharing mel, we are supposed to get down to 21° tomorrow night so we will have a hard freeze here in Nebraska for the first time. We did get down to around freezing a couple of weeks ago one or two nights but it's definitely time for the furnace and the flannel sheets. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and thanks for your great videos!

  2. I watched your cast iron dutch oven video. Some suggestions for your bread. Never cut it hot, it should be mostly cool. Your oven is element is at the bottom of your oven so lowering the rack when you take off the cover may be why the bottom of your loaf is overcooked. I also replace the water with a good beer. It makes for a tastier result.

  3. Hi Mel! My daughter and her family moved from Southern California to Franklin, Tennessee. They moved In February 2022 and absolutely love it there. They are settled in a wonderful church and have made a lot of friends.
    Love all your recipes and your channel. You are so sweet! I am also so happy that your channel has grown so much. Thank you for sharing all your comforting recipes. You’re the best❤️.

  4. Mel, you are a sweetie! Thank you for sharing my channel. I’m so glad you all love that soup. And I’m with you. I’m not a bread maker but we love the frozen loaves just like you use. They are so good. And I’ve never used the frozen potatoes for soup but what an easy sort cut that it. Have a wonderful week!