Top 10 KETO Finds at Trader Joe's! Healthy Grocery Shopping


Join me as I shop at Trader Joe’s for my top 10 finds. They have some great stuff! Don’t forget to subscribe for more keto cooking tips, tricks, and recipes!

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  1. I love your videos you and I have very much the same taste in food I'm originally from southern California so I grew up on Mexican and Asian food and I'm living in San Antonio Texas now and I started keto in 2015 I stayed on it until the end of 2017 when my mom got sick. I'm back eating keto and I find it pretty easy since I love to cook and I'm not picky. I have a lot of favorite recipes but I love how you come up with so many awesome recipes that are delicious

  2. “Chickens eat the grass” 🤣 I know you just made a slip while filming but it’s funny to imagine chickens out there grazing like cows lol. They do eat some plants but mostly prefer bugs, worms, and other protein-packed critters. Love your fun vibe—don’t change a thing! 😘

  3. I will again preface this by saying I LOVE YOU, YOUR RECIPES, AND IDEAS, but the word "snack" has no place in a true keto diet. Please consider that for those of us that have had hundreds of pounds to lose, "snacks" will slow down or stop our weight loss progress. Remember, snacking raises insulin levels which in turn STORES the calories/carbs coming in. The less often you raise that insulin, the faster the weight comes off. When you "snack" your body has to stop burning it's own fat and put energy instead into the food coming in. I know we all approach keto a bit differently, but when you have hundreds of pounds to lose, why throw obstacles in your own path? Better to put the effort into staying very low carb with just one meal a day and getting the weight off. You can add a bit of moderate snacking in maintenance.
    AND, if you are very obese and diabetic, all that snacking is going to keep your insulin high and your hunger level high. Why make losing the weight harder struggling with hunger you would not have if you didn't snack? Still, great video (as usual) I got some great ideas.