Tofu Recipes I'm Currently Obsessed With


Today I’m showing you four amazing ways to cook tofu! Check out the recipes below if you want to give any of these meals a try. 🥰

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Gochujang Tofu →
Vegan Yolk Sauce →
Buffalo Tofu →
Tofu Lettuce Wraps →

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Vegan Oyster Sauce →

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Gochujang Tofu
3:00 Tofu w/ Vegan Yolk Sauce
6:02 Buffalo Tofu
8:48 The Best Pans for Cooking Tofu
9:47 Tofu Lettuce Wraps

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  1. Happy to see a new video! We’ve had to cut costs recently due to a life change out of our control. Your videos have given us a way to cook good food and save money while doing so. 😊

    We’ve been making a ton of your recipes. Actually am eating the garlic noodle soup one right now!

    Thanks for posting these videos, we’ve loved everything that we’ve made so far. 🙂 can’t wait to try all of these ways of cooking tofu in the vid.

  2. Thank you for the cool recipes! ❤ have been lacking inspiration and I’m going to try all of those. Also, the tofu slices you made in vegan yolk sauce recipe can be used instead of chips in chilaquiles for a high protein breakfast. That would be so yum!!

  3. I'll answer for you! We CHOOSE to not eat animal products in order to not participate in the suffering of animals bred to live in captivity and commodified for their meat, eggs or milk. Does not mean I did not enjoy the taste of eggs or dairy, but I cannot in good conscience ingest same knowing of the pain and suffering involved in their production. Can.Not.Do.It.

  4. This video seems extra sassy and it's incredible. Sauce Stache has a good tofu Philly cheese steak recipe that we've been making lots of, but I've been looking for more "simple" recipes like these that don't take all day. Great vid!