tips on how to transition to a plant-based/vegan diet | recipe ideas, resources & more


Happy New Year!!!!! As someone who has been eating plant-based for about 5 years, I am excited to share some realistic tips on transitioning to a plant-based diet or simply incorporating more plants into your diet.

What is plant-based: The diet consists primarily of food made of plants: fruits and vegetables, in addition to nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes.

I am not a nutritionist, professional, etc. These are tips that I have found to work for me.

Plant-based dinner ideas
Plant-based breakfast ideas
More what I eat in a week videos
My grocery hauls
More details on why I went plant-based

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  1. I Love fried Mushrooms. Ty for the good tips. I really need to get back into this. I like using Lentils in place of red meats. Like for Spaghetti. How do you make vegan cornbread? I Love Cornbread. Happy New Year. It can be overwhelming. Cause you think you have to have more then 6 ingredients in meals. And you don't. It was helpful Thank you.🙂

  2. Can we first appreciate the glow that must be coming from heaven on this beautiful goddess?👏🏾 If being plant base does this, let me hurry up get it together. But Sis, I promise I feel like you made this video just for me. I'm going to show out this year and give my 100%, and if I fall a little short some days, I will give myself grace. I'm claiming this year my year to go 100% plant base. I gotta plan my meals out just like I plan my week out for everything else. Thanks hun for the video, and stay beautiful not only on the outside but inside as well❤ Happy New Year

  3. Great tips! Especially the one about following a digital content creator. I'm a pescatarian and will definitely make your shrimp and grits (except with shrimp and with cheese). I also agree, make foods that you like to eat! I love alfredo and just made a homemade alfredo sauce for my tuna alfredo. I'll never buy jarred alfredo again. Also, your tip to keep it simple is key. I made a very simple but delicious veggie scramble with cheese over a whole grain bagel. My Aunt and Uncle are vegans and they love it! Yes, Girl, get that protein in! I sure do. It's important. Keep the great content coming!

  4. I started my Plant-based journey 7 months ago, and the reason for me was to support my daughter, who was diagnosed with lupus. The transition was difficult. However, I am learning to create new recipes daily and getting much easier. And frankly, I don't miss the meat at all. I love your meal ideas. Thank you.