TikTok Keto Recipes & Hacks Part 5


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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that can’t find this jam. I don’t ever get to order on-line so I’m always on the hunt at grocery store is something that’s been posted in our Keto group. I’ve never had the jam but last week when I went into hobby Lobby I seen the good good jam in the store. I didn’t the money to get but I will be going back to get it. I was just out window shopping this day. Hadn’t been into the store for 2 or more years. Just wanted to let everyone know so U can look if their is a Hobby Lobby in your area. God Bless and Happy Fall 🎃.

  2. I do keto pancakes and sausage/bacon in my Dash skillet. Super easy and less mess for me. Oh that fudge looks good for sure. I've done a PB & Jelly with cream cheese in a tortilla like that. I think the substitution of chocolate for the PB would be good too. Oh yes…Ice cream to go with it would be great. I've gotten the Good Good from Nettrition. They were the cheapest place I could find it. Thanks for sharing these hacks!