Three Healthy Weeknight Meals I'm demolishing this summer.


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0:00 Why my cooking gets lazy during the summer
1:13 Chili Dressed Noodles
6:30 Chipotle Shrimp Tacos
9:54 Herb Sauce w/Grilled Food

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  1. These remind me of my college body builder days. That was before I learned how important having good quality fats in your diet like avocados,nuts, certain oils, full fat grass raised dairy products etc. Hard to call something actually healthy with such low quality fats. Every cell I'm your body has a lipid layer that forms the boundary layer, also ,your brain is basically just fat and water. Atleast you are using fresh ingredients, which is something everyone can probably work on doing more. I'd say these are great in small servings with another small portion of something healthy on the side like maybe some olives and feta , a slice of toast with roasted tomatos and onions with an olive oil drizzle, or a piece of avocado toast. Just some extra info to add, because science has basically confirmed that low fat diets are unhealthy and were just a 90s marketing ploy. Anyway still a well made video and good tasting easy food recipes deserve that thumbs up and subscribe button destruction.

  2. We've made the noodle dish twice already and honestly, this is such a great recipe. I've been recommending the recipe and your channel to so many people. Easy to make, tons of flavour and so easy to adapt with different vegetables or meat. It's harder to find chili crunch here so I used Chipotle chili flakes and added a little more sesame oil. Thanks for making great content and keep doing what you do!

  3. Ethan, et al. Love this. Thanks for making some quick hitters with taste and health in mind, This is the content that helps me feel good about eating while getting other things done in my life. I love cooking. But I don't always have the time for an extravagant meal. So a tip here for a fridge sauce or a full meal go a long way.

  4. Curious if anyone else made the shrimp tacos. I did everything by weight with my scale exactly as written and the salt level was way too high, imo. I used raw frozen shrimp but there was added salt according to the ingredients on the bag.